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WordPress is a free, open-source blogging tool, but it is not just a blogging tool. It can be customized as business site, shopping site, auction site and more.

Top 6 Reasons WordPress Is Best For Blogging

WordPress is considered the best blogging platform because of it being simple to use, seo friendly features, and the widely available extensions that are mostly free. When you use WordPress for Blogging, expect to get a wide variety of choices in themes, plugins, and extensions free or paid to use for your blog. Moreover, installation of WordPress is fast and easy and is compatible with any hosting platforms.

If you are new to WordPress and looking for reasons you need to use WordPress for CMS, here are some top features WordPress have:

Search Engine Optimization

WordPress has SEO optimization features by default, even on its free version. Blogger, Tumblr and other blogging platforms either lack such a feature or is lacking the way WordPress has.

User Friendly

Experience with blogging or HTML is not necessary to start using WordPress. Most hosting providers have easy to install configurations for WordPress. Additionally, the administration panel is easy to navigate and use.

Beautiful Themes

You will never run out of WordPress themes, just search for any kind of theme you can find one, either free or paid. If you don’t like the default theme and you are using hosted WordPress, replacing your default theme is easy. There are also themes that make your it look more of a website rather than a blog.


WordPress allows users to use plugins in order to extend the functionality, performance, and usability of your blog. For example, if you want to optimize your site for monetization, you can do that by just downloading a plugin widely available online.

Complies with Web Standards

WordPress is an open source software that follows all the Web Standards and complies with the rules and regulations in running a blog or website.

Community Support

Since WordPress is open source there is a large community backing the development of the software. Whenever a problem arises to your blog, just ask the forums about it and expect to find answers for your questions.

WordPress is about 1% of the websites in the world. The large community is more than enough to get the help you require as accurate as possible.

Always Evolving WordPress is constantly evolving and adding features to their software. When a new update is released, updating your blog to the latest release is just a few clicks away. WordPress updates are the way community wants it to be, cutting edge to match with modern technology.

How to get WordPress

WordPress comes in two types: free and self-hosted. Free is where WordPress takes charge of hosting, managing, and software to use for your blog. The drawback is that you don’t own the rights to your content. WordPress can shut your site down without any warning. Additionally monetization is not allowed in your WordPress site, you use default themes, or install any plugins.

Best Recommended Option: Self-hosted WordPress

Self-hosted WordPress gives you the freedom to do anything you want with your blog or website because you host the blog yourself.  And with a 1-click WordPress Installation process,  it is now easy for anyone to get started with WordPress. After you have signed up with a good wordpress web host(see list below), use the one click wordpress install option and you get a wordpress blog to start blogging.

It’s not a surprise that 1% of the websites around the world are run using WordPress because of these features and wide customization choices.

The following is a list of Best wordpress Hosting providers offering reliable Web hosting.

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