Build a Joomla Website in 1 Hour [Video]

Joomla is a CMS tool that  is fast, safe and easy to edit. Joomla uses powerful editors that will make a person think that he/she is using a word processing software when in fact, he has already created a website. It has a powerful menu creation tool which Joomla is known for and a hackable […]

Why Joomla is The Best Content Management System

When thinking of developing a website, we often resort to CMS or Content Management System to simplify the development process. Joomla is an award winning content management system that is often left forgotten due to the fact that WordPress is dominating the CMS industry. However, since WordPress is ridden with bugs and security risks, Joomla […]

Best Free Responsive Joomla Themes

Joomla is an award winning content management system that is used by millions of websites around the world, including some of the most respected corporations. The debate to whether WordPress or Joomla is the best is evident as 21% of the world’s website uses WordPress; however, this doesn’t mean that Joomla isn’t a great CMS […]

Joomla Vs WordPress [Infographic]

Joomla is an award-winning Content Management System while WordPress is one of the most use CMS that powers nearly 21% of the websites. WordPress is easy to install and configure which makes it readily accessible to everyone – even those without prior experience in websites can install and configure WordPress. Joomla, on the other hand […]

SEO for Joomla

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a must have skill not only for programmers, but also for designers, writers, and website managers. SEO drives traffic to a website and it could greatly benefit anyone to learn SEO. However, learning SEO is hard. This is because search engines try to outsmart SEO tactics that can abuse […]

Top 10 Content Management Systems

If you only know WordPress, then you’re just scratching the surface. There are a lot of Content Management Systems out there and regardless of what type of website you are building there’s probably a CMS suited for you.

The problem with developers and designers nowadays is that they stick only to what they know. They don’t […]

The 10 Stupidest Administrator Tricks

It takes hard work, patience, and hours and hours of earned knowledge to be a great Joomla administrator, so one wrong move will make you kiss your credibility goodbye. Being a Joomla administrator is fun and rewarding at the same time. Everyone can become a Joomla administrator but anyone with the skill and expertise will […]

WordPress Versus Joomla [Infographic]

WordPress is an open source Content Management System. It is basically a user-friendly blog system but it can be used as a regular site that even if you don’t have any knowledge in HTML , you can manage a site on your own. What is great about WordPRess is that you can add plenty of […]