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Fantastic Free Fonts Collection [Infographic]

Stuck with Comic Sans, Times New Roman and Arial in your web design? Now is the time to upgrade your typography to better font. This infographic from Plato Web Design offers the best fonts and typefaces and its alternative that you can use on your website, documents and graphic designs – royalty free!

The infographic also […]

Templates and Vector Kits To Design Your Own Infographic

Infographics are not only fun to read, but also helps in generating traffic to your website. At first, these infographics look complicated and may have taken a lot of time to complete. You can either use Photoshop or Infographics generation tool to build an infographic from scratch. However, these tools, although very useful are very […]

The Psychology of Colors [Infographic]

One of the challenges graphic and web designers face is the use of colors in their designs. Colors affect the mood, personality, and how a particular brand or product is conveyed. This infographic explains the psychology of color and looks at some of the common associations of different colors. This also shows the importance of […]

A Day In The Life of A Graphic Designer [Infographic]

So, your dreaming of becoming a graphic designer? A graphic designers goal is to create meaningful designs that communicate well to visual, emotional, and intellectual level. It is the joy of building things from scratch and develop a masterpiece worth showcasing. However, as a graphic designer there are a few drawbacks. Take for example your […]

Animation Without JQuery

It is a common belief that CSS animation is that only way to animate on the web. This myth has forced many web developers to abandon JavaScript-based animations altogether; thus, forcing themselves to manage complex UI interaction within style sheets, regretting the beautiful motion physics that can only be possible with JavaScript and neglecting support […]

Web Design Tips to Make It Easier to Design Websites

Every web designer has its secret not only to speed up time, but to also improve their workflows. These hacks are tried and tested knowledge that advent the true experience of real web designers which separates a novice from a professional designer.

CreativeBloq persuaded some of the busiest web dev and designers to share their own […]

15 Responsive Design Tips

If your site isn’t responsive, then you are years behind the technology. Many companies have made the shift, but what they are doing is wrong. Some companies redirect their site to mobile-only versions, others have attempted to make it work in multiple browsers but fail to do o.

As a developer, responsive design is the next […]

Top 10 Content Management Systems

If you only know WordPress, then you’re just scratching the surface. There are a lot of Content Management Systems out there and regardless of what type of website you are building there’s probably a CMS suited for you.

The problem with developers and designers nowadays is that they stick only to what they know. They don’t […]

5 Benefits of HTML5

HTML5 is the next version of Hyper Text Markup Language, a programming language for displaying web pages. It still has the same features as its previous versions, but there are other features added to it which makes it easier to write a code and easier to implement on all platforms and devices.

Until today, only a […]

85 Fantastic HTML5 Examples

HTML5 is the next big thing that comes to web design and development. HTML5 is the latest version of HTML, unlike it’s previous versions HTML5 has built in video and audio playback so no need for third party programs like Quicktime or Flash; it offers offline caching meaning visitors can load certain elemetns of a […]