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Reasons you Need to Choose SEO Hosting over Traditional Hosting

We all know what a traditional hosting is, right? So why bother for an SEO hosting? Does it makes a difference when you prefer SEO Hosting over traditional ones? Why choose SEO hosting when you hosting provider is good at it? Here are some reasons SEO hosting stands out over traditional hosting:

Multiple C Class IP

The […]

The Benefits of CPanel Hosting

When setting up a new website, there are numerous choices. Which hosting provider to choose; what services to pick; and how much is enough. The choice of web hosting services depends on the platform of the website you are considering. These days, most web hosting providers offer cheap cpanel hosting because most people prefer cPanel.


Cpanel […]

8 Ways to Improve Webpage Performance

Webpage performance now affects your search engine ranking. It is because today’s search engines opt for usability and how site visitors are able to view the page, navigate it, and keep users informed. Spam search engine optimization methods won’t stand a chance against today’s search engines.

Front-end performance
The front-end of your webpage (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and […]

Top 5 List of Best Free Web Hosting Control Panel

As a website owner, you know how complicated it is to manage your hosting server without using a control panel. The most popular control panel for web hosting is CPanel because it has a lot of features you’ll definitely need in managing a website. However, CPanel comes with a price. If you’re just starting up, […]

How to Grow Your Business with multiple websites

Many businesses believe that by starting only one website, add content on a regular basis, and try to add as many traffic as possible under that domain helps your business grow. It does grow your business but in a slow and gradual pace. Creating multiple Web sites doesn’t require a big investment. Most web hosting […]

How to create a family website and go live today

Creating a family website.  Is it hard? Stop Making it Complicated. It isn’t.

Why Create a Family Website?

Creating your family web site online is the best way to connect your whole family, your friends and the relatives closely. If you didn’t have a website, you can always meet them in Facebook or Twitter. However, having a website […]

Why shared hosting is the most user friendly Solution

A shared web hosting is a type of web hosting service where many websites share one web server. Each site kept on its own section/place on the server, to keep it separate from other sites. In fact most people mean shared hosting when they refer to web hosting. Shared hosting is suitable for personal sites, […]

Top 5 WebSite Security Features you should be knowing

I am sure you don’t want your site to be down due to a security issue.

Just be aware of these security holes and take the right action and you can have peace of mind.

Whether you have a blog or an online business, it is very important that your hosting provider has the most essential security features.


This […]

How to Develop Your Own Small Business Website

If you think that not anyone is able to make a website from scratch, you should read technology news often. Because now, you can build your own small business website from scratch and all you need is your time to build one. Websites can be built by anyone thanks to website builders.

What is a website […]

Features You’ll Need in a Web Hosting

Web hosting packages are very popular nowadays that almost all hosting provider has a few tricks up their sleeves. Consumers are then confused on what hosting plan to buy and what features are actually needed. If you still haven’t come up with a solid decision yet, allow me as a guide in choosing a web […]