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5 Best YouTube Channels for Web Developers

As a web developer, we often come with a few hiccups and shortcomings particularly when we just started web development. Reading some of  the tips and tricks to hone your skill can be tedious sometimes. Good thing we have YouTube. Did you know that there are thousands of web developers that post their expertise in […]

What Are Custom Elements

You’ve probably heard of Web Components and how it is going to change web development forever. If you haven’t then you may have missed out a lot of opportunities that web components has to offer in simplifying web design and development.

Web components are a suite of connected technologies that are aimed in making elements reusable […]

5 Benefits of HTML5

HTML5 is the next version of Hyper Text Markup Language, a programming language for displaying web pages. It still has the same features as its previous versions, but there are other features added to it which makes it easier to write a code and easier to implement on all platforms and devices.

Until today, only a […]

Your Guide to xHTML

xHTML or Extensible Hypertext Markup Language. It is almost identical to HTML but a stricter, cleaner version of HTML. xHTML helps you construct web pages with many different functions in many ways. If you wanted to create a website, or build your own game, the role of xHTML is essential.


xHTML is a strong starting point for […]