Fantastic Free Fonts Collection [Infographic]

Stuck with Comic Sans, Times New Roman and Arial in your web design? Now is the time to upgrade your typography to better font. This infographic from Plato Web Design offers the best fonts and typefaces and its alternative that you can use on your website, documents and graphic designs – royalty free!

The infographic also […]

Reasons to Convert Your WordPress.com Blog to WordPress.org

The easiest way to start a blog is by signing up to WordPress.com and start posting. WordPress.com is free but it comes with several restrictions that will get very intrusive as your blog grows. If you want to surpass these limitations, you have to convert your WordPress.com blog to WordPress.org.


A WordPress.org blog is the paid […]

Top 10 WordPress E-Commerce Themes

Online businesses are on the rise, with that in mind, the competition gets hard and in order to win the battle, you need to get their attention, interest, and provide excellent customer service.

If you’ve just set up your online store, it is important to have professional looking themes that define the overall look and feel […]

Using Custom Scripts and Styles in WordPress

One of the most important thing in WordPress and usually the most confusing part is adding your own JavaScript and CSS sheets in WordPress. Of course, you can do it “The WordPress Way” that has a number of advantages s but also a bit complicated and confusing, so in this post, we’ll show you how […]

Why Use Responsive WordPress [Infographics]

Nowadays, the internet is not just limited to desktop computers are mobile phones are now even smarter than desktops computers. With that in mind, most users rely on their mobile phones to search for something in Google or browse Facebook from time to time. This is why you need a responsive WordPress website design.

A responsive […]

Free WordPress Plugins for October 2014

Here’s a small list of useful plugins to use with your WordPress site. As you may have known, plugins completely transform the look and functionality of your website. There are also plugins that introduce a whole new way of interacting to a website.

Most plugins are premium plugins. This means that you need to pay for […]

Add Facebook Style Timeline to WordPress

If you like Facebook timeline design, then good news! You can use the same style to your WordPress blog. While there are numerous WordPress themes that have the same concept, there are other ways to do that style.

This is a great method for those who only want this style to a specific tag or category […]

Update Your WordPress Theme Without Losing Customization

As a beginner, you’ll spend most of your time customizing the look and feel of your website. Oftentimes, our hard earned customization are turned to nothing due to a theme update. This usually happens when you paste code snippets directly on your theme and a new update is released. This is because, every new update […]

Tips For Writing Meaningful WordPress Meta Keys

If you are someone building solutions using WordPress, then the odds are you had to save some type of information on the database. Anytime you create a post, page, or anything that stores data, you are entering these information into the database.

When working on APIs, you’re working with the core application to save and retrieve […]

Problems with Image Attachments in WordPress

In this post, Jeff Chandler explains a few changes to the Image media library that is expected to be in WordPress 4.0. WordPress 4.0 is expected to ship by the end of August and contains 2 subtle image to the image data in the media library. You can view the author who uploaded the image. […]