big_Apache Software Foundation01The Apache Software Foundation announced on Monday that CloudStack is moved from Apache Incubator to a top-level project. Formerly, a project of which was originally acquired by Citrix in 2011, CloudStack was originally submitted to the Apache Incubator by Citrix in April 2012.

CloudStack targets service providers and enterprise through its software suite for creating IaaS in private, hybrid, and cloud environments. According to the press release, CloudStack production cloud has more than 30,000 physical nodes. Web hosts, SoftLayer, GoDaddy, and DataPipe are a few of CloudStack service provider customers.
According to Chip Childers, the vice president of CloudStack, when CloudStack became the first Apache incubator project, it was a well-established cloud management platform with a mature codebase. The work in the Incubator has focused in growing a strong community around the code and establishing the governance practices expected in a top-level project.

Childers also said that becoming a top-level project is an important step in CloudStack evolution and growth because it has the advantage of being a long-term large deployment that provided the stability of the technology.


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