DDOS mitigation provider, Prolexic announced that DDOS Attacks are growing in size and sophistication. They announced on Monday that they have seen large influx of sophisticated DDOS attacks in the recent weeks. DDOS attacks were launched using itsoknoproblembro DDoS toolkit and the signatures are extremely complex in nature. Prolexic has recorded sustained floods 70 Gbps and more than 30 million PPS to some of its customers.


The itsoknoproblembro DDoS toolkit has multiple infrastructures and application attack vectors such as SYN floods and can attack multiple destination ports simultaneously. Common characteristics of the attack includes UDP targeting DNS infrastructures.


Read full story here: http://www.thewhir.com/web-hosting-news/ddos-mitigation-provider-prolexic-finds-ddos-attacks-growing-in-size-sophistication

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