heartinternetssdvpsUK web hosting provider, Heart Internet announced on Monday that they have luanched their solid state drive VPS as a way to increase data transfer speeds and performance of virtual servers. SSD disks are designed for websites and applications that transfer a lot of data like dataabase, application servers, websites, and static content. Servers with SSD can benefit higher I/O rates and access time which is impossible with a disk-based system.

Heart Internet’s VPS uses the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge Server, Intel Xeon processors and 16 Intel Xeon cores. The plan start at $25GB per month which include 20GB of disk space, 1 GB RAM, and 1 vCPU.

Read the rest of the news here: http://www.dailyhostnews.com/heart-internet-launches-solid-state-drive-virtual-private-servers

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