ICN.BG, (Internet Corporated Networks),  a leading VPS and cloud hosting provider, has announced “ICN.BG Cloud Messaging”, which is a set of powerful communication tools.  These communication tools will be available for VPS and cloud hosting customers of  ICN.BG
This innovative tool has IM(instant messaging), calendar,  address book sharing, email integration.   It also has feature rich client apps for Android, Apple OSX applications,  Windows workstations and  computers,  Apple computers and more.
“ICN.BG Cloud Messaging”,  is strongly backed by open-source cPanel plugin,  from CommuniGate Systems Unified Communications platform. This cpanel plugin provides excellent hardware efficiency and very good scalability in VPS hosting arenas. Note that there’s no need for external dedicated servers in this case.

To learn more read, http://cpanel.communigate.com/2012/09/10/bulgarias-icn-bg-launches-state-of-the-art-communications-services-for-all-customers/


To learn more about CommuniGate’s open-source cpanel software, visit http://code.google.com/p/communigate-cpanel-adaptor/

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