leasewebLeaseWeb, a Netherlands web hosting provider responded to Kim Dotcom’s claims made Wednesday morning in Twitter that LeaseWeb had wiped all megaupload server thus destorying all data and crucial evidence for Megaupload’s defense without warning. The lost data has about millions of personal Megaupload files, petabytes of pictures,personal and business property, and backups.

According to the blog post by the company, Megaupload does not own the servers, but LeaseWeb does. MegaUpload rented 630 dedicated servers on LeaseWeb and for years, LeaseWeb has been preserving these servers at their own costs. These 630 servers were unavailable and has become a burden to the company. Nobody showed interested in the server and data so they consider using the option they know best.

Megaupload was informed about this decision but no response was received on MegaUpload.


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