Rackspace announced on Tuesday that it has launched the redesigned public cloud which offers better performance through Performance Cloud Servers.

Rackspace mentioned that compared to its existing cloud servers, the new servers will offer 4x more RAM, 2x more total CPU performance, 132x more total disk I/O and it is specifically designed to work with Cloud Block Storage.

Performance Cloud Servrs are powered by OpenStack, it is designed with RAID 10-protected solid state drives, up to 120 GB or ram, 40 Gigabits per second of network throughput, and Intel Xeon E5 Processors.

Customers can now connect to the new servers to dedicated metal servers as a part of a hybrid cloud.

Read the rest of the news here: http://us.anygator.com/article/rackspace-updates-public-cloud-servers-for-speedy-application-performance__988537

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