uroburosThe Russian government could be responsible for a highly-sophisticated malware designed to seal information from organizations and nation states. The malware is called “Uroburos”.

According to the report by G-Data security, Uroburos is an advanced toolkit and could have avoided detection for three years or more. G-Data security has deducted that the Russian government is involved in the complexity of the malware, the presence of Cryrillic characters, and its similarities to Agent.BTZ malware attack against the US in 2008 which is also suspected to be the work of the Russian Intelligence Service.

The Uroburos toolkit consists of a driver, and an encrypted virtual file system. It can take control of the infected machine, execute arbitrary commands, hide system activities, and steal information and capture network traffic.

Read the rest of the news here: http://news.yahoo.com/russian-uroburos-malware-devours-american-171523383.html

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