Once you have settled your domain name and sign up with a website hosting, the next step is to design the web site itself. While designing your site you should remember that your website signifies the online presence of your business. Hence your company website should look credible to your potential visitors.

First impressions last, so when people come to your site it will take just a matter of seconds before a person will visit your site again or not. One way that a visitor can tell if your site is a good one or not is by the way your website design is conveying it. This is important especially if you want people to buy your product or to let them know that what you write is credible.

It is too easy to send wrong signals to users so here are some signs that your website is conveying a bad site reputation.

    • Website Loading Time

Website-Load-timeA fast-loading website will tell the visitors that your site is going somewhere, and the people behind it actually knows what they are doing. If your website has trouble loading fast, don’t blame the web hosting providers instead, do you part in helping your site speed up by using a cache system to reduce the number of database calls needed for each page. There are many cache system plugin available all you need is just to install it.

You can also combine cache plugin with a plugin that will compress your HTML code or add a plugin that will compress images if your site is full of images. Also be wise to choose a reliable web host that offers fast web hosting.

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    • Broken links and Images

images-not-foundIt is our intention to put links or images in our website, but when some things are moved, the links and image links will get broken. So here is what you can do: Check for broken links at least once every month or after a major site redesign. There are programs out there that will help you examine your entire site and generate a report if there are broken images or links in your page.

    • A lot of Sidebar Widgets

Widgets help organize and spice up your website, but if you have too much of it and is created using Javascript, it will slow down your site. If these widgets doesn’t help your site, isn’t it better if you just get rid of them. If they are not helping you communicate with your users, you should get rid of it.

    • Ads all over the place

advertisingWebsites need advertising to survive, but too much of it make you look as if you are desperate for money. More ads do not mean more profit. Ad placements that hinder content ruins your website. A great location to place ads on is in the sidebar. It is positioned so that it won’t interrupt with your content and let readers get them what they want.

    • Too Many Popups

pop-upIt is good to have a landing page that pops-up a newsletter subscription box, but if it happens on every page load, it can be very annoying for visitors of your site.

Conversion rates are high with overlays but once per visiting session is enough. Moreover, if you set it to appear after a visitor views your site the second time you are most likely to get higher conversion rates than letting it load on the visitor’s first visit.


    • Spelling and Grammar Mistakes

mistakesDo you want to ruin your credibility and get rid of visitors to your site? An easy way to do it is to have as many spelling and grammar mistakes as you can. Bad writing makes you look like an idiot trying to prove something but is not too convincing because of the way you write.

Always have a habit to run a spelling and grammar checker before you publish a content. Spell checkers are not perfect so you need a proofreader to check your content for any spelling or grammar mistakes.

    • Empty or Spam-full of comments

spam-iconComments reflect the kind of people that are hanging out in your blog. No one wants to hang out in a site that has a lot of spammers the same as a comment section that is empty. A blog with a comment section that is full of real people makes visitors be involved in your site and participate on comments.

If you are setting up a new blog, it is recommended to turn off comments first until you get traffic. To kill spam comments, you need an anti-spam plugin and set it correctly. If your posts are continuously targetted by spam comments, consider turning it off and on after a certain time.

    • You speak like a brochure

Your target audience are humans so don’t even think about writing as if you are writing a sales brochure even if you are representing a corporate entity. You won’t gain a connection to your reader, which is vital to earning that trust thus increase a positive reputation.

It may seem too obvious to you if you write yourself but it can be confusing to someone else. Ask someone to read what you have written and if they understand it. Keep your writing simple and to the point, the way we normal people talk.

    • Lacks personality

People prefer buying from people that they like even if they are not directly selling the product, or source of information. If your website do not reflect your personality, you have a low chance of having your site liked by many.

Show a little personality to your content. Let your readers know your personality and they will be more confident in what your write.

Light humor is something that can help your site go a long way.

    • Too much Design

web_designIf you use the website’s beautiful design to hide your lack of content, then you are implying a bad site reputation. Let the users find the basics of your site like the navigation and content – the main reason they came to your site. Get rid of the designs that will make your content look small or scale it lower a bit so the content is where the audience will put more attention on, not on your design.

    • Design Glitches

Refining a design takes a lot of time and effort. It is easy to miss something that affects the trust you have build up from your content. The easy way to fix design glitches is to check for it no matter how small of big the problem. Make the site easy to read by setting an appropriate reading front size that is not too small that it makes you look like you are hiding something and not too big as if you are emphasizing a content.


These are a sure sign that your site won’t get enough traffic or will lose visitors. If you have one or any of these, fix it right away to bring back that site reputation you’ve been aiming and more.

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