The Psychology of Colors [Infographic]

One of the challenges graphic and web designers face is the use of colors in their designs. Colors affect the mood, personality, and how a particular brand or product is conveyed. This infographic explains the psychology of color and looks at some of the common associations of different colors. This also shows the importance of colors to consumers and its characteristics to the many different individual colors.

Colors not just present the brand or design to its customers but it also triggers psychological cues like emotions, moods and feelings. Whether you are a designer or consuming, the power of psychology can help you make better decisions.


Infographic by WebpageFX

Joomla Vs WordPress [Infographic]

Joomla is an award-winning Content Management System while WordPress is one of the most use CMS that powers nearly 21% of the websites. WordPress is easy to install and configure which makes it readily accessible to everyone – even those without prior experience in websites can install and configure WordPress. Joomla, on the other hand is backed by a strong community to help beginners and experts alike to learn and understand the concepts of principles of Joomla.


Usually, WordPress is used for blogs and websites while Joomla is best known for creating e-commerce websites. In this post, compares Joomla over WordPress.

Which one is the best? Find out in this infographic:


What is Drupal? [Infographic]

Drupal is a highly developed Content Management System (CMS). With this tool, anyone can build a website from scratch, even those without any technical know-how. Unlike its predecessor, WordPress, Drupal is known to power most business and government sites because it is more secured, management is better, has better SEO, CRO and web analytics is much easier to control.  Unlike WordPress, Drupal has free eCommerce platform with free plugins and modules.

Drupal is highly extensible, it can adapt to the changing needs of websites through integration of third-party systems, functionality, and feature enhancements.

Here’s an infographic about Drupal and the questions about it that we are shy to ask: