Green hosting is a type of hosting takes different measures to reduce environmental impact. By choosing one of the green web hosting company, you are also become a part of green living. The following is a list of best green web hosting companies with quality hosting service and professional support.

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Why choose Green Web Hosting

In today’s modern world, carbon footprint increases because a lot of technology have been introduced to make our lives easier. Internet is one of the major contributors of carbon footprint due to its popularity. Every website we visit has its own server that produces carbon footprint equal to factories that are belching poisonous smoke.

We, as visitors of a particular website, are consuming electricity too, every person that visits a site produces carbon footprint. The more carbon footprint created, the more we experience global warming.

Green web hosting is hosting company’s effort to reduce carbon footprint and provide sustainable living through using natural energy to power up their servers. These green web hosting companies uses different green technologies to reduce in emissions of carbon dioxide, uses renewable energy sources such as wind o solar power, plant trees, recycle the office waste ect.

The aim of green web hosting providers is to reduce the amount of carbon emissions that are present when a computer or every power-consuming devices are turned on.

Most green web hosting providers uses renewable energy from their own solar and/or wind power generators which ensures that neither nuclear nor fossil fuels are used. This may seem impractical since the cost of setting up your own solar or wind power grid is expensive; however, some hosts purchases Renewable Energy Credits from the power producers so the company produces larger proportion of energy through its renewable methods.

Green web hosting companies uses a modified server that run in lower voltage and be more energy efficient. The company also imposes various conditions as their effort in maintaining a green environment like recycling, car pooling, or using greener alternatives.

Other method that green web hosting companies do to ensure a greener environment is that the company uses fewer computers in their office, or they adopt the use of propane gas to their data centers.

One thing to note about green web hosting is that the cost of their services is more expensive than conventional hosting providers. However, taking your part in contributing to a greener environment is worth the cost as one of these days, when our environment becomes unstable, we will suffer a higher cost for power generation.

Despite being expensive, green web hosting performs even better than conventional web hosts. Since the cost of power generation is cheaper, companies can spend more in producing better and more reliable servers. Where in your part, as a customer, expect it to be more reliable than cheap hosting providers.

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