Have you ever wondered what the largest and most sustainable business done on-line? Well, before you quickly conclude that it’s e-commerce, or web based advertising you may want to take a second guess. According to internet live stats there are over a billion websites in the world and the numbers keep growing day by day. All of them are hosted either by their owner or by a hosting service provider. Yes! Hosting is truly one of the largest on-line business. Even Wikipedia attests to that fact. Whereas starting a hosting company equires a considerably large amount of capital, there is a faster and cost friendly approach to venture into offering web hosting services: Reseller hosting.

Quick Overview of Reseller Hosting

This is a service offered by large hosting service providers where a reseller is allocated space and other web services for purposes of selling them to other clients. Think of a reseller as that middleman who will buy products in bulk and sell them at a retail price-at a profit, of course.A reseller is given access to a web hosting control account in the hosting company’s servers.


In a typical reseller hosting package the reseller will enjoy some of these privileges albeit varying from one hosting service provider to another.

  • Ability to register or renew domains
  • Offering SSL services
  • Setting up ones own pricing structure
  • A ‘point to click’ management software that tracks bandwidth and storage usage as well as manages bill payments and invoicing.
  • Customized reseller branding: You get to brand your hosting service with your logo and theme colors. Your clients need not know you are a reseller!

Who might find it wise to invest in reseller hosting?

  1. A web designer may want to manage all his clients at a central point. With a reseller hosting one can set up multiple domains and have one FTP account. From then on, navigating from one domain’s back end to another will be as simple as moving from one directory to another.
  2. Smaller hosting companies are perfect candidates for reseller hosting services. Most of them start with this service then as they scale up their business they may consider renting a dedicated server and eventually(with a good marketing plan) they end up acquiring their own in house servers and manpower to offer bulk hosting services. You may be surprised to know how many hosting companies out there are actually resellers. Many web savvy entrepreneurs have ventured into this and reaped bountifully. This is greatly attributed to the fact that the reseller focuses on the business aspect of hosting (getting to sign more clients) while the company that offers reseller hosting is focused on the technical aspects(maintaining the network infrastructure, ensuring server uptime and other tasks)
  3. A programmer who needs bulk hosting resources that a basic hosting service may be too limited to offer can also consider reseller hosting. The programmer may also be offering an app as a cloud service which is sold on a renewable basis to website owners. In that case, one can buy a reseller hosting account and add his software to the web hosting services being provided and resell it to his services as a complete web hosting package to potential website owners.


5 advantages of a Reseller Hosting Account

  1. Ease in Scalability and flexibility

You can choose a reseller hosting package that suits your immediate needs then upgrade to a higher cost package. Its also flexible in that you may choose to allocate your hosting space to many sites having small disk space or limit it to a few websites having a huge disk space.

  1. No maintenance burden

No need to worry about getting an extra power backup, changing a faulty server disk or replacing a worn out network cable. That’s why you are paying for the reseller account. The hosting company relieves the reseller of the high maintenance costs.

  1. Extra privileges that direct hosting clients do not enjoy

As a privileged use one can create and manage other users. He ore she can also limit users who may have exceeded the bandwidth or storage use all at the comfort of the hosting control pane.

  1. Cheaper than direct hosting

Do some quick math’s here. Lets say you have 5 websites hosted at $5.56 per month for each of the sites at hostgator.com. The same hosting company offers a reseller service at $24.95 per month.

  1. Easier to manage multiple websites

An IT department that manages several websites under the same company may prefer reseller hosting. Updates and backups can be done at one central point rather than having to login to each individual site.


Three Main Cons

Reseller hosting is not the perfect hosting solution for these reasons:

  1. Need to offer customer support

You must be willing to expend yourself willing to respond to your clients’ queries. Expect lots of emails and calls when the server resources are not available. Alternatively, hire a competent customer service rep with a pretty voice.

  1. Less customer support received

As a privileged user, you are expected to use your expertise to handle most server related problems. When client tickets become too many to handle, most hosting companies consider shared hosting clients a higher priority than resellers hoping that the reseller will somehow find a solution.

  1. More funds needed for marketing

Lets face it. You are offering a service in direct competition with hosting giants. For you to sign deals with hosting clients you need to invest heavily on marketing.


Our take

If you find yourself in any of the above categories of people who may benefit from reseller hosting , why not get yourself an account? As mentioned different hosting companies offer varying features of reseller hosting. We highly recommended that you consider the various features as well as understand the legal terms governing use of a reseller account. Other than that this is a very profitable venture if undertaken with a strategic marketing approach.

We present here our list of Best reseller hosting companies.

  • Rank
  • Web Hosting provider
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  • Guarantee
  • Reviews
  • Free WHMCS or WHM AutoPilot Client Management / Billing software
  • Free Enom Domain Name Reseller Account
  • Unlimited Domains, Subdomains, Email Accounts, MySQL Databases, FTP Accounts
  • Unlimited POP3 Email Accounts with SMTP
24.95/mo30 Days
  • WHM Control Panel
  • Private/Anonymous Name Servers
  • eNom Domain Reseller Account
20.00/mo60 Days
  • Host unlimited resold accounts
  • cPanel / WHM / RVSkin
  • Free Billing Software
  • 3 IP Addresses
23.95/mo45 Days
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