securityWhether you have a blog or an online business, it is very important that your hosting provider has the most essential security features. This does not mean that you’ll have to buy any security feature your web hosting provider offers you, and you don’t need to spend a lot of money for it. Hosting security is much like internet security, and employing security features in your web server is easy.

Before you do that, let us define first what security features are most  essential.

So here are the most important security features your web hosting provider must have:


icon-fire-wallAll networks have firewalls, but all of them should be managed separately. If you forgot to manage one firewall in your network, you make it open to all attacks, and information disclosure. A secure web hosting provider should have redundant firewalls, and it should give you the capability to add or remove administration access to your firewall rules.

IDS or Intrusion Detection System provides an additional level of security as it can recognize the number of attack vectors and stop it before further harm can happen.


ssh-iconSSL allows your website to have a secure transaction between your visitor and your web server. This means that any critical inputs like the customers login details, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information remain confidential. When you have SSL,data transmission is not  in plain text, instead data is encrypted and can only be read by the server.

SSL is good for sending login details, credit card information, and other details your customer will input. It is a must have for shopping carts.

SSH or secure shell is mainly used for secure, remote access to Unix machines. You can input server commands securely as if you are directly using the server.


ftpiconSFTP is a network protocol that offers a secure file transfer method. With normal FTP, anyone can gain access to the file being transferred and manipulate it. With SFTP, file transfer is more secured because the data is encrypted.




anti-ddos-web-hostingDDoS or Distributed Denial of Service slows down your hosting providers network. When DDoS attacked, all the websites under the attacked server will suffer from attack, as well.

Anti-DDoS features are included by default by many good web hosting providers.


anti-smap-web-hostingAlthough not directly connected to web hosting security, spam filtering is important. Spam can have viruses,worms, and even spyware. Some spams are also known to slow down or shutdown your server because it keeps on sending spam emails until your server reaches its threshold. Another irritating thing about spam is that every spam email consumes bandwidth.

Many user friendly web hosting providers have these security features included, however, most have security holes in their shopping carts, web hosting control panels, and even in web applications. These holes allow hackers to gain access to user credentials. It is the worst thing that can happen to you in case you encounter such incident.

So it is highly advisable to rely on web hosting providers that are known to offer the best security.

Recommended web hosting companies with best security features

Hosting provider Firewall SSL SSH sFTP Anti-DDoS Anti-Spam
Bluehost yes yes yes yes yes yes Visit Bluehost
Hostgator yes yes yes yes yes yes Visit Hostgator
WebHostingHub yes yes  no-icon no-icon yes yes Visit WebHostingHub