A user friendly web host plays a big part in your website launch success.

All web hosts have the same goals: publish your website online, but most have different prices, probably because of the features and some things like having quality servers, or some paid software. But some, despite having better features, are not user friendly.

What Features Should a User Friendly Web Hosting Provider Have?

Reliable at all time

Is your hosting company’s web server or your website available all the time? Uptime history of a web host will tell you how reliable the web host is. If they promise 99.99% uptime, you should expect that your site will be online at all times. If it went down for minutes every day, then the hosting provider is simply not reliable.

Better Customer Service and Technical Support

This is another factor to consider. We amateurs and professionals alike need to get things solved fast. A top web hosting provider must be quick in responding to customers regardless if its over phone, or email, or chat support, or ticketing system.

User Friendly Control Panel

This is where we will be controlling or administrating our websites most of the time. If the control panel is very complicated, newbies will find it hard to control their site, and professionals will be confused. Example: Godaddy has good features, but control panel is very cumbersome and complicated.

Great Tutorials, Knowledge base

Good web hosts provide nice articles and tutorials on how to use their site and control panel, site builder etc. This will be very useful to the customer and this can reduce unnecessary phone calls/emails to support and thus saving you valuable time. WebHostingHub is a good web host and has excellent tutorials that explains how to use their site builder step by step. BlueHost is another top host that lots of video tutorials and articles. For example, watch this video tutorial that shows you how to use a popular site builder Weebly.

Money-back guarantee

Money back guarantee is an assurance of how confident the web hosting provider is. If they really are the top web hosting provider out there, they should have 30 or at most 60 day money back guarantee. Money Back Guarantee in web hosting plans is one of the basic factors to consider when choosing the right hosting provider. Hosting providrs give MONEY-BACK days to test their hosting services and will give your money back if you are not satisfied.

Easy to Use Website Builder

This feature helps newbies or folks a lot are not tech savvy. Without any html or technical knowledge, you can use a site builder that can launch a website quite fast. Mostly within a day or two(depending how many pages you need to create/design or what features you need to add via site builder). You can also launch a web-store or e-store using this service. Most of user friendly web hosts have a nice site builder to help small business owners launch a website quickly

Best User Friendly Web Hosting Providers

#1: Bluehost – $3.49/mo

#2: WebhostingHub – $3.99/mo

  • cPanel Account Control Panel
  • Good video tutorials and nice online help center
  • 1 free domain name
  • 24/7 Phone, Chat & Email Support
Visit Bluehost
  • Easy-to-Use » Control Panel
  • FREE Premium Web Builder
  • 24/7 excellent U.S. based Support
  • Good tutorials and articles with step by step instructions
Bluehost is a hosting provider focusing mostly on business sites but also an effective option for personal websites and blogs. They provide affordable personal domains and have excellent technical support. Most users like its conservative approach in website hosting.

Watch this video to learn more:

Visit http://www.bluehost.com

Webhostinghub have been hosting websites since 1997. It has more than 400,000 registered domains all over the world. It is very successful because of how they approach the customers, in a fun and friendly environment. Webhostinghub dealing anyone specifically based on their user expertise. That is why Webhostinghub have very loyal customers. Webhostinghub is also known to impose rules like giving a fine or terminating websites known to be causing spam or other inappropriate behavior. Visit http://www.webhostinghub.com
These are 2 best user friendly Web hosts around. I could provide to you 5, or top 10 but it might confuse new users. These tow should be enough to help you judge web hosting providers other than a long list. Webhostinghub  and  Bluehost are the best hosting providers but if you are not convinced, compare and contrast these companies from other web hosting providers and see if they can surpass the traits and reputation that these sites have created.