Unitrends, a data protection and disaster recovery company has purchased the cloud data protection provider, Yuruware from NICTA to an undisclosed amount. This acquisition positions Unitrends to extend its hyper-scale backup and disaster recovery offerings to Openstack, AWS, Microsoft Azure, and other third-party public clouds.


Unitrend’s business is all about IT protection and data recovery accross diverse environments. Adding to Yuruware’s public cloud migration and recovery will increase its flexibility.

NICTA which stands for National Information and Communications Technology Australia is transitioning from government initiative to private research firm by mid 2016. NICTA chief executive Hugh Durrant-Whyte said that Yuruware would be sold for at least $10 million AUD to a foreign company.

Read the rest of the post here: http://www.unitrends.com/company/press-releases/2014/unitrends-acquires-aws-and-openstack-cloud-company

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