vonage volcalocity logoCloud phone hosting provider, Vocalocity has been acquired by Vonage for a disclosed amount of $130M. Vocalocity is a business that provides VoIP services to other businesses; the company has more than 50 employees. Vonage is a residential VoIP service and the purchase of Vonage paved way to the market of hosted VoIPs.  Vocalocity has a revenue of  $53 million on its first half of the 2013 project which is up to 39 percent on the same period. Vocalocity believes that the SMB voice market in North America will represent 32 million lines worth $15 billion. 85% of which are being served by traditional carriers despite the fact that the cost is 40 percent higher.


Read the rest of the news in this blog: http://www.vocalocity.com/article/vocalocity_and_vonage/

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