How a business website can grow your business in 2020?

The buying process has not remained the same now as each individual first looks for the business, gets the information and if they like the brand products and quality, they buy them. And for this, a solid brand impression is a must. 

Having a business, as an owner, it becomes essential to bring your business online. Your business must show on google map i.e. listed with Google My Business if a person searches about a local shop near me. Just create a business Facebook page and try to gain customers’ trust as it will become your backbone to gain popularity among customers. And it will also help in small business marketing.

And nowadays developing a business website or eCommerce store is much easier and does not cost much with many advantages as your online store is not restricted to hours, it is 24/7 available. 

Keys benefits to building a local website for a small business:

#1 Your customers expect you to be online:

This one reason is enough to trust and buy products or whatever your business maybe. Having a business website develop trust in your customer’s mind to think that actually, the business exists. If you don’t have the website it becomes quite a chance for your customers to look to your competitors. 

If you have an online business, your customer wants answers from you for a few questions:

  • How your business is unique from competitors?
  • A clear understanding of offering to be given to customers.
  • contact information along with addresses


#2 An online website will socialise your business


According to the research, there is around ninety percent of the customers that trust customers reviews online and it somehow influences their buying decisions. As people love to check reviews of the product or services before buying them. There are various sites that help them check the reviews of your business. And if you positive reviews and good quality you can easily grab the attention of your users on your website and let them buy from you.

It is also best for you to add your potential customer’s reviews on the website or give them the access to add the reviews that your new customers can read it and buy from you as it is a great way to impress your potential customers to buy.


#3 Adding a blog will make them and Google know your business:


As a business owner, you cannot control what your customers or competitors say about you on social media but you can influence them by creating your own blog section on your website. As it helps business owners to let their target audience to know about them, and services faster than print ads or snail mail brochures.

Plus, having a blog section also makes easier for the google to bring your business at Google search page as you have targeted some keywords on the website and blog section that help Google algorithm to show your business on Google result as well as helps in marketing a small business.


#4 It lets you be a step ahead from competitors:


Your consumers usually look for your business either by checking reviews from Google or by recommendations from their peers as well as social network connections.

There are studies on consumer behavior and according to the consumer has an idea of what they need or want and get the information they just start researching, and almost around 72 percent of them go online to look for reviews, educational material, and testimonials. 

So, if you have brought your business online and is staying competitive with your competition you are staying ahead of the competition and not giving your competitors the chance to stay ahead.


#5 Online businesses let you stay online every time


As a businessman, you don’t want your customers to leave you as you are not open. But having an online website lets every business from large to small businesses to let people shop even at 3 a.m.It makes you sell products all the time even if you have an eCommerce store.

It further can boost sales and supports your online presence by building client relationship building, brand recognition, etc. and if you use small business marketing tools, it helps them to reach new customers and generate business customers.


#6 It helps  to showcase your product and services:


Websites give away for marketing for small business owners, it not only lets you display your products or services in detail with images, and descriptions. You can also showcase the short video tutorials or downloadable PDF instructions to give your customers no reason to go elsewhere to purchase the goods or services.


#7 Improve Your Business’s Credibility


Having an online business brings credibility and reassure users that the business is legitimate and let a business owner market a new business and help them customers to know why your business is valuable.

#8 Let you collect information about your business

Having a business website helps you know about your customers that help to strategize the best ways to market a small business. It also brings the opportunity to collect information about your customers and help them tailor your interactions according to their interests.

Wrapping up:

Websites Are Worthwhile Investments for Small Businesses

Websites are always valuable for any business niche weather it is large or small. It also helps owners for small business marketing. A website helps businesses to meet their customers online or generate new customers.

But, the question is does having a website a worthwhile financial investment for small businesses? The answer is YES!  There are around 30% of small businesses that have a website and have spent just around or less than $500 per year to maintain their website.

A website has also let small business internet marketing approach to implement by owners. As a website helps to implement SEO strategies to let businesses show on the search result page of google or we can say search engine result page(SERP).

There are still many small businesses that don’t have any website, and this is the right time for you to bring your business online.

Author Bio: Marek is the CTO of a popular marketing app groost. With years of experience, he has been able to bring up the marketing solution through an app, it guides you at every step; how to advertise your business on any platform by getting required guidance for executing the best strategies according to the business niche. 


5 reasons to add a blog to an ecommerce store

5 Best Reasons Your E-commerce Website Needs a Blog

Is your e-commerce website struggling to attract desired organic traffic? Have you tried everything to improve your search engine rankings but have failed drastically?

If yes, then you need to publish blogs on your website and utilize content marketing as one of the major weapons to climb to the top of SERP. It’s a well-known fact that e-commerce is one of the highly competitive industries.

With over 2 million e-commerce companies, across the globe, it can get quite strenuous for your website to get the desired online exposure and stay in the top rankings.

However, when your website has high-quality, original, and informative content, you have better chances of attaining better rankings. Reason being, Google considers content as one of the major ranking factors. This is the reason why websites, which lack high-quality content, usually struggle to rank higher.

How to boost ecommerce sales: It is also worth noting that content does not only help you improve your search engine rankings but also attracts potential buyers to your website.

So, in this blog post, we have decided to scribble down a list of the benefits of publishing blogs on your e-commerce website and thus tremendously improve traffic to your e-commerce site.

#1 A Blog Makes Your Website More SEO-Friendly

a blog makes your ecommerce website more seo friendlyTo attain better rankings, you need to optimize your website and make it SEO-friendly. However, do you think this can be achieved when your website only have product descriptions and a couple of discount headlines? Of course not! When search engine bots crawl your website, content is the first thing they look for to index your web pages.

They go through the content to check whether your web pages can resolve user query or not. In such a scenario, if your website lacks in providing content, it would become quite difficult for the crawler to index your pages.

Furthermore, when you publish blogs on your website, you can add links to product pages and establish a proper internal linking. This ensures proper flow of the link juice across different web pages. As a result, your product pages start to rank higher as well.

However, it’s important to perform thorough research before publishing any type of content on your e-commerce website. Basically, your goal should be to publish content which has the potential to attract your target audience. You can achieve this goal either by publishing posts regarding special discounts you’re offering or by writing about any new trend in the industry.

Here are a couple of things you should remember while writing blog posts.

  • Make sure to optimize your content for potential keywords. However, do not overdo it as keyword stuffing can damage the overall website performance and can even lead to a Google penalty.
  • Publish lengthy blog posts as content length is one of the rankings factors. If you click on the first three results from SERP, these posts are more likely to have 2000+ word length. It means that Google focuses on content length while ranking a web page.  
  • Don’t be a copycat as Google is smart enough to understand whether you have published original content or simply copied it from somewhere else.
  • Write blog posts which provide value to your target audience. At the end of the day, your sole purpose is to increase ecommerce traffic to your website and this can be only achieved when your blog posts manage to engage a customer.

#2 Blog Content Helps You  Establish a Brand Name

blog content is kingThink of it like this when your website is the only one in your niche that cares about publishing content, you’ll automatically be considered as an industry expert. Buyers, especially millennials,

are getting smart every day. They no longer just want to grab the best discount and buy a certain item as soon as it releases. Rather they want to go deeper and research how a certain product can help them in their daily life.

So, when you put informative content, say product review, for instance, you provide your audience with something valuable. They can read the review and decide whether to make a purchase or not.  It means that by publishing content on your e-commerce website, you help customers to make better shopping decisions.

#3 A Blog Builds Better Customer-Relations

Ecommerce blog builds relationships

By publishing content, you can answer user queries and provide users with optimal solutions. There are so many instances when customers cannot find any solution to their queries and therefore, never complete the purchase.

Note down the most common problems your customers experience and write down blogs which provide resolve these problems. These blog posts can be tutorials discussing how to install a certain product or can include answers to FAQs regarding a certain product. Whichever topic you target, publishing blogs will help you nurture better customer relations.

#4 A Blog Builds an Online Community

blog helps you build an online community

Blogs also let you build an online community. When you’ll publish blogs on your website, customers are more likely to drop comments. This would encourage others to leave their comments as well, and eventually, you could start a discussion in the comment section itself.

However, it is important that you participate in this discussion as well and reply to each comment to show that you care about the customer’s opinion.

There’s also a huge probability that your blog posts may receive comments from spammers as well. To avoid such a scenario, you can install any of the spam blocker plugins to prevent people from leaving spam comments.

#5 A Blog Can Attract Free Organic Traffic – Get Best Ecommerce Traffic

Blog gets you free organic traffic

Last but certainly not the least, content help you attract organic traffic without paying a single penny for promotions. If your content has the potential and pinpoints the right area, it’ll automatically drive organic traffic to your website.

Of course, you can utilize social media platforms to promote your blog posts, but that’s something which doesn’t cost anything. Once your web pages have achieved the desired search engine rankings, you can follow certain SEO practices to sustain these rankings.

Sum it Up…

If you want to improve your ecommerce website’s sales, content marketing can be an effective tool. However, make sure to follow the right content optimization tactics as unethical approaches can even damage your rankings as well.

Author Bio : Sunit Panwar is chief technology officer at RV Technologies. He is very passionate about implementing new technologies in developing innovative mobile development and website development.  

He constantly looks forward to various interesting ideas and ways to implement them with advanced functionalities. He keeps on inspiring the developers with new functionalities, ideas as well as tools.



Optimize WooCommerce Page

7 Steps For an Optimal WooCommerce Product Page

Running an e-commerce store is not a cup of tea for everyone.
It requires to stay upgraded all the time with the new trends and make changes according to the preferences of customers. It is mandatory to have an attractive WooCommerce product page for managing a successful e-commerce store, which can make or break your site, as the customers may add a product to their cart or they just move onto something else.

Ultimate Goal:The ultimate goal is to increase sales for which you need to do more than just make your products available on your website.

Usually, the businesses are turning towards some smart strategies to convince people to take a chance on them by creating persuasive product pages, which highlights what you have to offer in the best possible light.

Better Conversion: Your WooCommerce website is expected to convert more browsers to buyers when it is fully optimized for performance and functionality as your customers demand an intuitive and pleasurable experience.

There are many ways to optimize a WooCommerece website and this article suggests strategies and offers resources for trimming down a bloated website and guide the e-commerce owners to make sure their conversion optimization is on track.

Before jumping direct to the tips and tricks, let us begin with some basics.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin created by  to help developers or a simple user to develop their website by leveraging the most powerful content management system (CMS) to run it on your online store.

Being open-source, it is easily customized according to your choices and also allows to build custom extensions which may differ from WooCommerce developers.

Is WooCommerce SEO friendly?

After creating your website, you might wonder if the WooCommerce is SEO friendly?

The answer to this is YES  as the WooCommerce runs on the top of WordPress which is considered as a standard compliant for SEO which allows using plugins and techniques to further improve your WooCommerce product SEO.

When you begin an online store with WooCommmerce, the system allows you to add themes, products, description, images and other related information for your store website.

There are tremendous benefits by adding a WooCommerce plugin to your website.

Here are 6 hacks to convert your browsers into buyers

#1  Provide a Clear Description

While browsing an online store, the title of the product catches attention and gets a lot of focus around everything. It usually shows up prominent text on the individual WooCommerce product page and categorizes archive your store’s application.

It is also mandatory to look after the appearance of the sidebar or footer of your store which depends on the widgets you are using. It is crucial to make the details of your product as effective as possible as the item should be clearly described in simple terms for better understanding.

To increase the conversion, you can try to include a primary keyword for better search engine optimization. The store owners can always opt for a simple language description which is easily understandable by the shoppers.

While giving the product description, it is best to avoid the temptation to get creative. Beginning with the introduction, you should always include the most important first to provide vital details the customers need before making a purchasing decision.

Also, instead of just writing a wall of text regarding the product, you can break up different types of information into unique sections. You can also include a short description of the product to catch user attention.

#2  Upload High-Quality images

A picture is often much more persuasive than text when it comes to making a purchase online. Generally, most people make a final decision only after looking at the product image.

Make sure your product images are not poorly-lit or small and unprofessional photo which does not offer much detail. One should make sure to upload one’s original picture of what they have in store and not a stock photo.

It might happen that you want to upload multiple images rather than a single click. There is a feature to provide multiple images from different perspectives of the product.

Another alternative is to provide one or more pictures showing the product in use to help potential customers get a better feel for how the item might fit into their daily routine.

#3  Make use of Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumb links appear along the top of product pages which help visitors move back to previous category or landing pages easily. These links help visitors show where they are and where they have been.

BreadCrumbs are most important for WooCommerce websites as they help to get most out of the SEO capabilities by simply using a plugin names Yoast SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin is considered one of the best SEO plugins out there which help to focus keyword for every page of your website.

After you select the focus keyword, Yoast SEO gives you suggestions on how to best use it on the page to get great credits. The plugin helps you to use the right keywords effectively as it is crucial to attract the right visitors and convert leads to customers.

#4  Simple Navigation for your Website

Apart from the breadcrumbs link, there are other ways to ensure that visitors do not get lost and frustrated on your e-commerce website.

Clean and simple site navigation can have a big impact on your bounce rates and time spent on site by the visitors as the more time a visitor spends on your site, the higher rank your website gets in search results.

By keeping your main navigation easy to follow and simple, you can improve your website’s navigation but not the visitors. So, your main navigation should only include the most important page links for users.

Rest other links can be stored in your site’s footer. This way you can get a little attention from the users through easy navigation. Google is expected to use search spiders to automatically review and index search results if it does not find a page on your website.

To overcome this, you can always add links to your site footer. This helps Google to tell what pages are important since you are linking to them in every page’s footer.

For example, you may have nice discount codes like an ipage hosting coupon or coupon codes from your estore etc to offer your customers.  Why not create a dedicated page for coupons and then link to it from footer section. 

#5  Reduce the Website Load time

It is easily understood that the faster you get your products in front of visitors, the more likely they are going to continue shopping. So, it is important to pay attention at optimal load times for conversions across all device types.

Few online website speed tests like Pingdom suggests to remove query strings from static resources and combining external JavaScript. If you lag your website’s load time, it may cost you sales.

Hence, you can always opt for hacks to keep your customers more engaged and converting. You can always optimize your media as online stores need plenty of demo videos and product images to make sales.

#6  Upgrade Store Analytics

To boost your conversions depends on data to deliver valuable customer insights where Google Analytics can help you a long way.

Today, the stores require even more granular metrics for managing customer relationships and all of this data can get in the way of running your store.

You can always consider upgrading your analytics to a platform that brings data from your e-commerce platform to combat the flood of information from analytics tools and advertising sources. An illustration of DOMO can be given which is a platform used to give every decision maker real-time data across all of your analytics sources.

You are also able to pull from more data points using data consolidation and also micro-target your customers to personalize sales and generate more revenue opportunities.

#7  Prohibit Cart Abandonment

The e-commerce store owners are always worried about the cart abandonment as that represents an enormous amount of untapped sales to reclaim.

There can be plenty of reasons for which people can abandon their shopping carts. Most of them are To create an account for purchasing, Give long and detailed information and much more.

In order to avoid this, there are few payment methods like Jilt and YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart to customize email campaigns for winning back cart abandoners, create automatic and strategically scheduled email reminders and build out a contact email to remind customer what they were ready to purchase.

Wrap Up

The WooCommerce is gaining popularity as it is conveniently easy how to use it and you can also create your online store in under an hour. It will take time to process your website if you want to see results.

There is always a lot of information you can add to a WooCommerce product page and so one should pay attention to most important optimizations. furthermore, you can also add attributes to help describe your product and consider using those attributes to create a separate product variation that shoppers can purchase.

Hence, by using these few hacks you can optimize your Product page and generate more revenues by turning the visitors into buyers with the help of WooCommerce. Happy Shopping.

Author Bio:

Donna McAllister is working in WordPress development company An avid reader and a passionate writer, She shared her ideas on path-breaking IT solutions, current IT trends and much more. Understanding how technology affects the world is her subject of interest.

Ecommerce Dedicated Hosting

How a Dedicated Server Can SuperCharge Your Ecommerce Store

Growing businesses often underrate the significance of dedicated servers. A dedicated server belongs to computers with access to the internet, belonging to the same client. It enables you to use the entirety of server paraphernalia.

An Enterprise Dedicated Hosting offers exclusivity that lets you configure your website the best way for you. It adds a layer of stability and security that are common to shared servers. A dedicated server is a tad bit pricier than shared hosting and also requires technical knowledge to run smoothly.

Despite the complications, dedicated hosting is the best solution for creating a unique hosting environment.

What does it mean to have a dedicated hosting?

If you are a layperson with no prior knowledge of hosting, do not worry as we have got you covered! In simpler terms, a dedicated hosting server translates to you have absolute control of the physical server to its very root system.

The hardware can be configured according to your needs, and the installation of software is done in accordance to your choice. The only difficulty other than price is the need for proper knowledge. Technical expertise will ensure that you do not disrupt your business.

The significance of dedicated hosting to an ecommerce business

Ecommerce is the millennial idea that deserves our utmost attention. Due to its growth and boost in sales, ecommerce has brought a boom in hosting services.

A majority of brick and mortar businesses are now opting the ecommerce channel to reach a far greater target audience.

Quality hosting services can aid smaller businesses and established chains of retail both transition to an efficient online outlet for their products and services.

 An ecommerce site should be able to support sales round the clock while handling concurrent viewers from even the farthest corners on the globe. To generate optimal revenues, your ecommerce site must establish a distinct impression that highlights its uniqueness in the growing competition.

The performance of your ecommerce site falls back on the web hosting service that builds security and confidence among your clients and helps you reach the sales goals you’ve set for the week, month, or year.

Since we have already spoken to you about the significance of dedicated hosting, here is a list of four reasons to strengthen the argument in favor of dedicated hosting. We hope that after reading this article, our readers will have definite answers about the future of their ecommerce site.

4 Important reasons why Ecommerce Businesses should shift to Dedicated Hosting

#1 Authenticity

The website on dedicated hosting has a separate ensconced environment which helps them deliver reliable performance. Accuracy in configurations supports the maintenance of the network that aids you in reaching the height of uptime; which in turn multiplies profits.

Your sites speed, level of responsiveness and availability helps you build a loyal customer base. Once your authenticity is proven by reliable performance, you are likely to receive repeat orders from your loyal customers.

#2 Increased security

One of your company’s data centers is the most likely location of your dedicated server. The ideal hosting provider will secure your physical server along with the data center. Monitoring the server environment can be done through multiple ways such as surveillance camera, software, intrusion alerts and routine checks by professionals.

Cyber-attacks on your financial information and customer data are both protected by an effective, dedicated host.

#3 Better storage capacity

Any ecommerce site that’s still in its stage of initial growth needs to save many data files and thousands of images of products, graphic design and what not! The need to secure customer data, prospect information, shipping and inventory records, applications and the company database are a few examples of massive files that require much space for storage.

This volume could potentially measure in gigabytes hence the need for an expensive hosting due to its large server hard drive expands your data storage space without placing any restrictions.

#4 Financially effective

Dedicated hosting is without a doubt pricier than shared hosting.

But when one examines the bigger picture, investing in a dedicated hosting is considered cost-effective. It helps your company by preventing the purchase of physical servers and leasing of high-bandwidth connections.

The hardware maintenance and need of fewer IT engineers is yet another way to save money in the long run. 

A safe, stable and well-managed server environment helps prevent disastrous breaches of data or run-ins with malware that are proven to be highly dangerous for you as a company and also for your customers.

This threat can potentially ruin your business and waste all of your effort, energy, time and resources put into the store.  

Final Words

So we have seen the significance of dedicated hosting four strong reasons why one should favor dedicated hosting for eCommerce Hosting. Hence opting for a Dedicated Hosting environment gets you the best value eCommerce hosting.  This is also the reason why you see small businesses opting for Dedicated Hosting as best eCommerce hosting option. This also applies for magento hosting as well.

ABOUT Alycia Gordan

Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia


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5 Carefully Picked Mobile Apps for Managing WordPress Blogs

You can get several tasks completed when working on your computer. But, what if you’re not present on your desk (i.e. away from it)? There’s nothing to worry, as you can still increase your productivity without remaining glued to your desk using mobile apps. The same is true for WordPress blogs. With the advent of more and more mobile apps, bloggers are leveraging the opportunity to manage their blogs even on the move. Additionally, bloggers are able to carry out plenty of blog-related tasks via their Smartphones, even when they’re away from their system.

In today’s mobile dominated world, running a blog that isn’t optimized for mobile devices can give you a hard work, even when you’re using the easy to use CMS such as WordPress. However, utilizing a mobile app technology can work wonders for you.

In this post, we’ll talk about 5 of the best iOS and Android apps available online that give bloggers the ability to connect and share their work on-the-go. Read More

5 Ways to Grow Traffic to Your WordPress Website with the Power of Social Media

The only place where bloggers, writers, and entrepreneurs enjoy traffic is when it comes to their blogs or websites. It is not that easy to drive huge traffic to blogs and websites especially when visitors and readers leave after the opening page.

If you are starting to build your blog or WordPress website, the best way to guarantee your success is to take advantage of the different social media platforms. Social media traffic is a lot of times more important than search engine traffic.

You must keep in mind that the amount of traffic you drive to your WordPress website and the degree of engagement of your visitors depends primarily on the structure and composition of your posts on social media. To help you out, here are some ways you can grow traffic to your website. Read More

How to improve wordpress blog performance

11 Signs You Have a Bad Blog Reputation[And how to fix it]

Here’s a probable scenario..

You thought your blog was awesome..

But what if  your blog  did not look credible to your potential clients or visitors?

It is a disaster. Not knowing the facts that is..

Yeah..I know. It is a bitter pill to swallow..


First impressions last, so when people come to your blog, it will take just a matter of seconds before a person will visit your site again or not.

One way that a visitor can tell if your site is a good one or not is by the way your blog design is conveying it.

Read More


3+ Key SEO Trends For Web Developers (2018)

Fact: A single second delay in page loading time can result in 16% decrease in user satisfaction, 11% decrease in page views and 7% decrease in conversion rate!

With more and more websites being developed each day and with so much  strong competition going about, there’s an increased need for website optimization.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an ideal method for helping new websites become more visible and accessible online.

Ranking high on search engines, such as Google, not only improves a website’s visibility, but its authority and credibility as well.

4 Key SEO Trends For Web Developers (2018)

The better your rankings are, the easier it will be for your customers to find your website.

That’s why it’s important to consider SEO even before you start developing a website.

Like most of the online market, SEO trends also tend to change and they require constant work, in order to drive the best results.

That being said, here are a few SEO trends web developers must follow.

1.Website speed

Page load time still plays a vital role in user satisfaction and browsing experience.

In addition, a seamless experience is also a ranking factor for SEO. Search engines, such as Google are striving towards recommending websites to online consumers that can provide the best user experience possible.

Why Focus on speed?

As a matter of fact, a single second delay in page loading time can result in 16% decrease in user satisfaction, 11% decrease in page views and 7% decrease in conversion rate.

That’s why it’s important to focus on speed when developing a new website.

Online consumers’ needs and expectations concerning website speed simply must be met, in order to ensure their satisfaction.

That way, your website won’t just provide a seamless browsing experience, but it will also favor good rankings on search engines.

Note: A good web host makes a big difference. Fast web servers  can loads a website much faster than slower web hosts.

2. Security measures

Online security is an important ranking factor. Not only does it protect your customers from various cyber threats, but it also protects your website and its data.

Google prefers websites that have strong security measures in place and help make the Internet a safer place for everyone.

According to a New York SEO company, implementing SSL/TLS certificates as an additional protection layer is considered a ranking factor for SEO.

This is especially true for ecommerce websites that handle multiple transactions on a daily basis.

Protecting consumers and their sensitive information is also crucial for ensuring their satisfaction, as well as for providing an exceptional customer experience on your website.

Therefore, web developers should focus on implementing proper security measures when building a website.

3. Mobile friendliness

responsive design aka mobile-friendlyMobile data and traffic is now is now more present online than desktop traffic.

Mobile users expect websites to be optimized properly and to provide an excellent browsing experience.

Metrics regarding consumers that are browsing the Internet using a mobile device, like smartphones or tablets, is definitely affected by mobile optimization, such as content adaptability, speed, security and other factors.

In fact, 79% of mobile users who experience a problem with your website are less likely to visit your website ever again.

What’s more, 44% of mobile users will tell their friends and family about a bad experience on your website. That’s why you must optimize your website for mobile accordingly.

What’s even more important, there’s no longer a need to develop and maintain two versions of the same website, one for desktop and the other for mobile users.

Instead, developers should focus on implementing a responsive design when building websites. That way, your website can easily adapt its content to match any screen size and any device.

4. Enriching snippets

Riche Snippets for SEOA snippet is a piece of information that search engines like Google display to users when they search for a specific term or keyword.

There are two types of snippets, the normal and rich ones. Normal snippets display basic information, while rich snippets, as their name suggests, are more detailed in explanations and information.

Rich snippets tend to get more clicks and views.

In order to enrich your snippets, you must add structured data to your website, which search engines can read and display in their results.

When developing a website, developers should focus on adding structured data, in order to help search engines understand the content on the page.

That way, search engines can properly display detailed information in snippets for specific keyword searches.


SEO is a vital factor for every website these days. It helps websites rank high on search results, as well as help them become more visible and trustworthy.

When developing a website for any purposes, it’s important for developers to focus on SEO trends that will elevate the website on the search engines and help online consumers find it easily.

Nate Vickery is a marketing consultant and author mostly engaged in researching the latest marketing technology trends and practices applicable to startups and SMBs. He is also the editor at Bizzmark Blog and an author on The Next Web.

5 Best WordPress Typography Plugins(Awesome Fonts! )

An awesome font can always attract and hold the readers attention.

Just like images, graphics, layouts, colors and other visual stuffs, fonts too are an essential building block of a website.

Role Of Typegraphy:

They play an important role in forming the overall appearance of a website. When you create a website with WordPress, it provides decent typography features to cope with the texts on your website.

However, it’s possible to unlock new types of fonts and use them on your website to enrich its feel and look incredibly.

And, it can be achieved with the best WordPress typography plugins.

Why is typography important? 

The texts on your website are useless if they are not readable and catch readers’ attention.

Especially when you have blogging website, then choosing right type of font is a key to your blog’s success.

Further, typography is the most important element for successful web design which determines the success or failure of the web design.

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in the aesthetic aspect of your website, without proper fonts, it’s just a piece of design and not useful from visitors’ point of view.

By using the best font plugin for WordPress, you can easily improve the fonts on your website to enhance its appearance.


1.Easy Google Fonts

This is an amazing WordPress custom font plugin, because it is an easy tool which allows integrating custom Google fonts to any WordPress theme.

And, it doesn’t require any kind of coding to add the fonts.

It is possible to integrate this plugin with your WordPress Customizer that allow you to preview the fonts in real-time.

Plus, it works with all themes.

Apart from this, Easy Google Fonts allow creating tailored font controls for different themes in the admin settings section to access specific CSS selectors.

After creation of such custom font controls, they can be instantly accessed from the customizer without any type of coding.

Easy Google Fonts has a lot of features such as it provides over 600+ Google fonts, compatible with any WP theme, automatic background updates, translation ready, create own font rules and controls, preview font changes in real-time and lot more.

Its recent version, at the time of writing this post, is 1.3 with 300,000+ active installations. It requires WP version 4.8 through 4.9.6.

2.WP Typography

It is an awesome typography plugin which adds several typography features to your blog.

This plugin offers intelligent character placement, spacing control, hyphenation, smart handling of different characters and quotes, wrapping of long URLs, as well as CSS hooks that enable styling of acronyms, upper case letters, ampersands, and other special characters.

It has been installed by 10,000+ users and its recent version is 5.3.5 which is compatible with WordPress version 4.6 through 4.9.6.

You can work with this plugin to use captivating fonts on your website that will grab the attention of visitors.

3.Typekit Fonts for WordPress

Typekit Fonts makes it possible to be easily embedded in your WP website without requiring to alter the website theme.

It provides a service that enables you to choose different fonts from a wide-range of high-quality font options for your website.

With this plugin, you can choose various adorable fonts to enrich your website with elegant characters and enhance its look.

Since, the fonts are embedded using font-faced standard, hence they are standard compliant, as well as they are fully accessible and licensed.

It works with WP version 4.2 through 4.9.6.



This plugin is quite a useful typography utility for you if you are running a website where you provide blogs related to programming.

This amazing tool easily highlights syntax in the code snippets that are placed on your website like in case of a web development or design blog.

It’s a great tool to use if you frequently add code snippets to your blog. CodeColorer is compatible with WP version 4.0 through 4.9.6.

Moreover, it has 5000+ active installations and its latest version is 0.9.15 (when writing this post).

5. Enlighter

Enlighter is a free, customizable syntax highlighting tool, which easily works with any WordPress website.

Further, this easy-to-use plugin is built in PHP and utilizes EnlighterJS, which is based on MooTools (JavaScript), to offer an adorable code-appearance.

With this simple tool, you can choose an editor style or add shortcode around your scripts that you wish to highlight, then the rest will be taken care by Enlighter.

It can be used with WordPress version 3.9 through 4.9.6.


In order to provide your website users with the best experience and to present your content effectively, it is important to pay attention to typography of your website.

With the above plugins, it is possible to add clarity and crispness to the texts on your website and make them readable as well as eye-catchy.

By improving texts on your site, it is possible to grab website visitor’s attention and present your ideas more effectively.

Author Bio:

Steven Bowen is a columnist and professional blogger associated with No-refresh: T-Shirt Design Software Provider, who likes sharing informative post with high-quality content to enhance the visitors’ knowledge.

5 Essential WordPress Design Tricks for 2018 [Infographic]

WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs across the globe.

Why not?

WordPress Stats: Around 19,500,000 websites on the entire web use WordPress. The keyword “WordPress” is Googled around 2.8 million times every month.

If you are reading this right now, there’s a high chance that you are either a Web Developer, a WordPress designer or someone who wants to build the most amazing piece of creation for their brand.

Robust web design solutions..Thats what we need..

So whats the deal?

No matter who you are, if you want to build robust web design solutions, you are at the right place.

What follows next will change the way you look at the design, and help you create the most exceptional design solutions for your extremely valued clients.

When it comes to a website or blog design is more important than its functionality.

It can be hard to understand exactly why businesses pay so much for web design work.

After all, as long as you have a functional blog, it doesn’t matter how it looks like, right?


Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Find whats works best for your businessWeb Design is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. This does not mean that you need to pay hefty amount to design your blog, but rather that you need to find a style of web design that works for your business.

Here are some amazing WordPress Design Tips, that will help you make your site look exceptional.

#1: Choose a Professional  WordPress Theme

You must consider the thought of investing in a “premium theme”

Here’s the thing…

There are “near to infinite” free WordPress themes available in the WordPress repository from which you can choose one for your blog.

However, if you wish your blog to look exceptional and stand out from the crowd, you must consider the thought of investing in a “premium theme” which can make your blog  look exceptional!

There are more than 11,000 WordPress themes on ThemeForest – the largest market of WordPress themes.

Also, while choosing a premium theme, make sure it is responsive.

Recommended reading: Best WordPress theme providers you should know

#2: Follow KISS Philosophy:

KISS  – Keep it Simple and Stupendous!

Well, at first this might sound a little weird, but the fact of the matter is, no one likes complex websites which are hard to use and impossible to interact with.

The design of your blog should be simple to use and easy to interact with.


You should always strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity.

These two are the most vital components to produce great design.

Clarity of design and simplicity of use produce the ideal combination of form and function that helps your websites simply work better all around.

“The best design is the simplest one that works.”

-Albert Einstein

#3: Keep It Lite:

Make sure your blog loads fast. Don’t let your design overshadow your blog’s speed.

This might sound pretty obvious to an extent, yet too many designers tend to overlook the importance of a “fully optimized website”.

No one likes to sit in front of an “ever loading” blog (which has a great design).

Today, if your blog does not load in the first 3-5 seconds, the user will definitely click on the “X” icon on the top of the tab and get along with something else – probably your competitor’s “creatively designed and fully optimized website”.

What am I coming to?

The point here is this, don’t let your design overshadow your blog’s  speed.

Be picky with your plugins and theme. Do more with least number of plugins. This will help your blog to load much faster and look prettier.  

Tip: Read this article –> Optimize WordPress Performance.

“Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure.”

– Aldous Huxley

#4: Don’t Be Just Another WordPress Blog:

WordPress gives you the ultimate freedom to be wild, imaginative, creative, experimental, and build something out of the box that your users will fall in love with.

Be wild, imaginative, creative, experimental, and build something out of the box.

I am not sure why so many people play too small while building their brand.

If you are not too good at it, there are so many WordPress Development companies out there to help you in leveraging the freedom of WordPress.

You won’t be surprised to know, WordPress powers 14.7% of top 100 websites in the world.

Websites of top brands like Sony Music, MTV News, Time Inc, are powered by WordPress.

With WordPress, you too can be the next top website across the globe.

“A good designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

#5: Add a Flavor of Humour:

Add a Flavor of Humour to your blog

Sometimes, a little flavor of humor helps to build a good rapport between your brand and the end user.

There are a lot of instances where you can intelligently add humor to your website to build a good rapport with your fans.

For a start, how about having a funny “404 Page”? Yeah! That’s right.

Instead of, “404 Error. Oops! Page Not Found!” how about deliberately designing it and replacing the default one with:

“Oh no, you’ve found our junior developer’s homepage! Despite sleeping on the couch most of the day, our junior web developer still finds time to do some coding…”  🙂

I mean the one above was just a very general example of how intelligently integrated humor can build a rapport with your end user.

Here too, you can get as creative as you will and challenge the status quo, thereby building a good rapport with your end users. 

“Humour is the affectionate communication of insight.”

– Leo Rosten

Final Words

I hope the above WordPress design tips will invariably help you in adding creativity to your website, thereby making the user experience luxurious and exceptional.

Of course, this is not the end. In fact, improving the UX is a never-ending journey you could embark upon.

You can keep updating the content, customizing typography, fonts and the overall feel of the website that will invariably make your users proud to be using your products.

Not only that, if your website “feels great” people will not hesitate to promote your brand as a whole. 

Also, if you have some amazing WordPress Design tips that you would like to share, we would be more than happy to hear that from you.

Please feel free to comment more such amazing tips that can help others to design “creativity”. 

“There are three responses to a piece of design– yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one you should always aim for.”

Author Bio: 

The author is Maulik Shah, founder & CEO of Biztech IT Consultancy Pvt Ltd, a leading WordPress Development Company. He also runs Biztech blog, where he shares insights from the world of ecommerce and other web based technologies.