What Web Hosting Type Is Right For You

Being new in the web hosting, you need to find a web hosting provider and set up your own account. When you signed up in any web hosting provider, you will be overwhelmed with a lot of options like what kind of web hosting to choose. You need to understand the primary features before you can pick the right web hosting for your website. It is also important to select a hosting that meets your budget. This is to develop a strong balance between what is actually needed and what can be removed.

Why not Free Hosting

There are some free web hosting services in the market that can be used for a personal site. A free host is convenient if you don’t have enough money to invest in a paid web hosting. It will also allow you to learn more about web hosting without the need to buy for a web hosting first.

Below are some of the features you won’t expect in a free hosting:

  1. Free hosting providers offer a plan that is just in 10MB up to 100 Megabytes in storage and about 2 GB for bandwidth. This is enough for a few web pages, a couple of images, and a few blog posts.
  2. You don’t have a domain name.
  3. You are only allowed to install a little software but not all.
  4. You cannot expand your files or move them.
  5. It does not have any database which is needed to run software and blogging tools for your website.
  6. There will always be security issues.
  7. No technical support.
  8. May experience loading issues from time to time.
  9. What is annoying about free web hosting is that since you are using the service for free, the hosting provide will find other means to get money from you in a form of advertisements. Mandatory ads displayed in your website whether you know about it, or not is the way free web hosts earn money from you. They can put banner ads on top, bottom, sides and will even have popup advertisements. Also, you will not be able to control the advertisement that will be displayed in your website. Ads annoy visitors so much that if a website is full of ads, they just leave the site and never come back. Revenues earned by advertisers in your website will get higher the more popular your website becomes. Should you be earning this money instead?

If you are thinking for running professional website particularly when you sell products online, free hosting will ruin your reputation and credibility.

Paid hosting gives you advantage

Paid hosting gives you advantage over free hosting services because with paid hosting you have complete control of your website. If you want to earn money from your ads, paid hosting won’t care, and they won’t control how your site should display ads. It is faster and more optimized to for any kind of website because these are managed and maintained by a lot of web hosting technicians.

Below are some paid web hosting options and what these hosting plans are suitable for.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a popular kind of web hosting that is perfect for small business and personal websites. Shared hosting platforms uses Linux and Windows platforms. Most shared hosting companies are scalable so it is possible you can start up small and upgrade later on if needed. Advantages of shared web hosting are:

  • Low cost per month.
  • Shared hosts have a number of add-on programs and tools for site optimization.
  • You have your own domain and email.
  • Customer support is always there when you need one.
Recommended shared hosting: BlueHost, WebHostingHub, Arvixe

However, you need to know the following with shared web hosting:

  • You are in a shared space with other subscribers in one server. It can have performance and security issues but doesn’t happen on a stable web hosting provider.
  • May still have restrictions and sometimes you are limited to only a few file types.
  • It will be possible that you can outgrow your hosting plan which in turn will cost you more each month.
  • Spike traffic is common especially when you get popular and you may be of risk of suspension because of that.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting is another kind of web hosting where your site is hosted in a server you are only in it. The advantage of having a dedicated hosting is that you control your website from the ground up. This is perfect for large companies and those websites that receive high traffic. You can use any number of domains, and even host additional websites in one server. The number of software solutions you can install is unlimited. These advantages have one drawback, you need to have web hosting skills and dedicated hosting a web hosting plan which will let you spend a lot.

For starters, I recommend you do not use a free hosting package unless it’s your personal website and you don’t want to earn money from your site. When you need to portray a more professional approach and when you need to earn money, use a shared web hosting plan. You will only use dedicated hosting and other types only if shared hosting is not enough to comply with your website needs.

Building a website with Bluehost’s sitebuilder

bluehost-website-buildersThese days anyone can create a website without hiring a web designer. Thanks to site builder tool, a web design tool that can be used by both non-experienced and advanced users for creating professional websites.

Bluehost hosting provides 4 site builder tools.

You can access them from your bluehost control panel.

How to access Site Builder Tools from BlueHost?

Log into your BlueHost control panel and click on website builder tools. Alternately you can access these in the BlueHost SimpleScripts library.

Here are the 4 site builder tools BlueHost is offering:

1)  Soholaunch – All bluehost accounts include the base version of Soholaunch Pro Edion free of charge.
2) Trendy Site Builder – is a stunning Flash Website building tool that helps users build professional quality flash Websites.
3) concrete5 – Another Popular Website design tool
4) Weebly drag-and-drop website builder – Bluehost hosting plan includes the Weebly drag-and-drop website builder (Basic edition) for FREE.

Weebly drag-and-drop website builder

In this article, we will focus on Weebly Site Builder, which is very popular. BlueHost provides a basic edition of Weebly Site Builder, which is good enough to create a website. There are matching template designs for many categories.

Weebly’s Basic edition main features

  • Add up to six pages to your site
  • Add YouTube and Flash video
  • Add contact forms / photo galleries / blogs
  • Create a mobile-optimized version of the website
  • Add RSS feed reader
  • Select look and feel from hundreds of built-in templates
  • Drag and drop design elements including text, images, video, galleries etc
  • Basic search engine optimization.

Weebly Pro version features

The Pro is available for $8.95 per month on an annual term.

The Pro version add additional features such as:

  • Create unlimited pages
  • The ability to password protect individual pages or an entire site
  • Custom Favicons
  • Embedded documents or files to download
  • The ability to edit template HTML/CSS or create themes from scratch etc.

An eCommerce option is available for both Basic and Pro editions for $2.95 per month on an annual term.

Sign for Bluehost – Just $3.95 per mon

Here’s a video that shows how to use Weebly Website Builder within BlueHost

Sign for Bluehost – Just $3.95 per mon

How to create a Website using WordPress

WordPress is a free tool that can be used to create websites without the knowledge of any programming. You can use WordPress to create a personal website, business website, photo gallery site, eCommerce site, product review site or just a website that will offer instructions or tips to your visitors.

You need a web hosting service that supports MySQL databases and PHP (See the best hosts recommendations here). After signing up with a hosting company, you will get instructions to login to their control panel. All the hosting companies in our top 10 web hosting list offer one click WordPress install. The procedure may vary according to the web hosting company.

Install WordPress

Below is a video tutorial showing you how to install WordPress on Bluehost. Sign up for a Bluehost account – get special rate – $4.95/month

Customizing your site’s look

And Now you’re done. You can start adding new content to your website whenever you want.

Sign up for a Bluehost account – get special rate – $4.95/month

How to build your website using Website Builder

These days you don’t need to know anything about HTML, CSS or any other web-related technology to create a website. There are website builders tools that let non-technical users who don’t know anything about HTML or CSS to create a website. Different hosting companies provide different types of site builders. These Website Builder tools are easy-to-use and has drag and drop editor that lets you easily create/edit websites.


Use WebhostingHub’s Premium Website Builder

Using WebhostingHub’s Premium Website Builder, anyone can easily create a good looking website and can add a shopping cart, blog, or image gallery etc to their site.

You can publish your website in 6 easy steps.

1) Install Website Builder >> 2) Start >> 3) Select design >> 4) Add pages >> 5) Edit content >> 6) Publish.

  • Install the Premium Website Builder on your Website
    Login to your webhostinghub’s Account Management Panel and install the Premium Web Builder onto your domain.
  • Choose the Type of Site you are Creating
    After installing the Premium Web Builder, click on the Start button at the top and select the type of Site you are Creating.
  • Choose a Template for your Website: Next click on the Design button at the top and select the look and feel of the site.
    You can change the color scheme and menu structure of the design you selected. You can also upload your own logo and banners to your site.
  • Add pages to your Website
  • Add Content to your Website
  • Publish your Website

Learn more details

How to create a website?

The internet is huge and millions of users are referring to the web day by day. Congratulations on deciding to be a part of it. You can create a website for many reasons and uses. You can make a personal website, a family website, a hobby-oriented website, personal blog, online shop to sell things, websites for Job Hunting / Information Sharing/ Marketing / your wedding / your small shop etc. There are many methods available to build a site. The following image shows the simplest way to create your own site.

  • Choose a Good Domain Name
    When creating a website the first thing you need is your address on the web – i.e. domain name. It is best to choose a domain name that reflects your business, a domain name that is short and easy for people to spell. The best place to get a domain Name is Godaddy. But you can skip this step because most of the best website hosting companies listed here provide FREE Domain name with their hosting plan.
  • Buy a web hosting account
    The next thing you need is a place to store your website – i.e. a web hosting account. It is important to choose a good web host that provides necessary tools and customer support. The web hosts I recommend are: bluehost, WebhostingHub and Arvixe.
  • Build a Website
    Good web hosts provide web building software and tools like wordpress, Joomla etc for FREE. They are easy to use and are the best option for beginners. For example, Webhostinghub provides an easy to use site builder tool.


How To Launch Your Own Site on The Cheap

When we think of creating a website, what usually drag us down are either our knowledge or technical skills and our own budget. However, launching your own site nowadays is not as complicated nor expensive as it was before. There are several services available, free and paid that can definitely be of great help in building and launching your own website.
If you always dreamed about having your own site but you always thought that having one means you need to have web development skills and a lot of money, this article will help clear you of those thoughts. This features services that will help save time and money in building your own site.

Here, we focus 2 common questions in starting your own site namely: Will I be able to launch a site for free/on the cheap? Will I be able to use advanced features of services even if I’m on a budget?

Hosted Websites

Hosted websites are a way to achieve your online presence like your online portfolio, develop a community of friends, or start a fan club. However, if you have plans to expand or wants to earn money from your efforts, using free hosted websites is not recommended. Nevertheless, below are some advantages and disadvantages of free hosted websites:


  1. It is free.
  2. Easy to setup – launch your own site in just a few minutes. No technical knowledge required. Receive updates automatically.
  3. No need to worry about updates and compatibility issues. You won’t solve any technical issues.
  4. Helps promote your main site as these blog platforms have excellent search engine rankings.


  1. You can’t monetize your site. Advertisements will be displayed, but you cannot earn from it. They need to cover their expenses, which means the ads are their way of getting money from your site.
  2. Limited configuration, customization, and design. You can only select a few templates or you may or may not be allowed to use a plugin. If you are allowed to use one, the company’s plugin will only be allowed.
  3. No branding. Your website will look cheap because there are a lot of ads that are implemented in your website automatically.
  4. Limitations for bandwidth and disk space.
  5. You don’t own your content. When one day the company suddenly changes their policy, you can lose your content.
  6. Transferring from free to hosted may also be a bit difficult especially if you have been using a hosted website for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to implement my design without coding it?

Yes, it is. If you have a design or concept in mind, there are websites that will do that for you. CodeMyConcept.com is a great site that implements your designs into codes. However, such services do not come cheap, but rest assured that your designs will be hand coded using HTML and CSS and will be delivered to you within 48 hours.

How can I implement my code if I don’t know how to design one?

Designing a website usually does not start from scratch. There are websites that offer free stock graphics you can use to design your site. Deviant Art, Graphic River, and ThemeForest are just some of these sites.

How do I create my own domain name?

Choosing the right domain name determines the success or failure of your website. Before you register you own domain name, make sure that the name you want meet the following requirements:

  • unique and catchy
  • related to your niche/topic
  • seo-friendly
  • not more than 3 words

Registration of a domain usually starts at $7 to $10 per year so the domain name registration is really cheap.

How do I choose my own web host?

Since going for long-term site, a free hosting is not recommended, you will have to choose your own webhost. For starters, here are some things you should know:

The current bandwagon of web hosting providers today is: “unlimited disk space and bandwidth”. Don’t assume that this statement is true because this just mean that the hosting plan you chose is meant to that kind of website and is expected not to use too much. That is why you see plans like personal, business and enterprise hosting. Ensure that if your setting up a business, you go for business plans, or if you just want a blog to monetize on, personal plan is the best choice. You not only over use their expected limit, you also get to pay things cheaper.

How to Test Your Ecommerce Site for Usability

Is your e-commerce site ready online? What feature in your e-commerce site that is competitive? What is lacking or needs improvement? If you can’t answer these questions, then I’m afraid to say that your e-commerce site won’t survive online.

Before you conclude that your site is ready to go live, there are things you must do first, tests that will determine how well it performs or how bad it is. Testing your site can reveal what your site will be, will it stay for only a few months? Or will it bloom to be the best ecommerce website?

Don’t hire people to test your site, they will be biased and think positively about it as you paid them to make review. There are third party sites which lets random people review your site and make honest opinions about it. Below are some sites to help test your Ecommerce site for usability, performance, aesthetics, etc.

If you are looking for an Ecommerce web hosting, browse our web hosting options.


UserTesting.com is a comprehensive testing service that is dedicated to helping in improving site problems for usability and profitability. UserTesting has a panel of users available 24/7, and you can also use your own customers for test. Testers will be based on your demographics, and you give specific things you need to be examined and reviewed. Results are given in both video and written form and expect to see response within an hour.


UserFly.com is  site usability testing service that will let you see what actual users are doing when viewing your website. Just add a line of UserFly code to your site to be able to start recording user visits and play it to see what users are doing and why they leave quickly.


SilverBackApp is a testing software from UK Web Design firm ClearLeft, and it runs only on Mac OSX systems. It enables you to record video from Clearleft’s representatives site review that you can export through QuickTime.


FeedbackArmy offers an army of random website reviewers that can be purchased to review your site. Using FeedbackArmy is simple, simply visit the site, enter your sites URL, write about 6 questions for the reviewers to answer to, and wait for them to review your site. Results of the reviews are sent to your email address.


It is believed that visitors need only 5 seconds to determine if the site is good or not. Simply post a screenshot of your page, and visitors will give a five second test to it and post their feedback. This is a great tool to test your calls of action or obtain fast feedback on things that you need to develop on. If you want to know the first impression of your page, this is a great site to do that.


Usabilla.com is a usability test site to help you conduct usability tests on questions that are designed for the page or function you want to receive feedback on. You can use Usabilla to test your pages to users with an email address, Facebook, and twitter using the own questionnaire you have created. Results are displayed in visual feedback and analysis thus an even better view of usability testing.

To make your site pass the usability test, here are some guide questions:

  1. Does your website use consistent and intuitive template for each page?
  2. Does your e-commerce site display clear and detailed description of an item? Does your site include pricing information?
  3. Do each shopping card contains one clear, and concise call-to-action?


A Concise Guide In Choosing a Web Hosting Service

You may have already chosen your own domain name and is thinking of setting getting the whole site online. Well, congratulations! Welcome to the world of web hosting. This guide will show you what it is to host your own site and what you should know with hosting providers.

However, before signing up for a web plan, you need to know what you want for your site right now and what you will need in the future. You will also need to get your budgeting skills working in this industry.

Before you choose a web hosting service

You will need to determine what it is you want to your site before looking for a web hosting service and plan. The way your website performs depends on the hosting plan you have signed up for. Think carefully before making your final decision.

What kind of site do you have?

This question is your first step in choosing a web hosting service because this will determine what kind of web hosting service you will need – Windows Hosting or Linux Hosting.

What kind of site will you be managing? Are you setting up a blog? A small business site? Web Directory? Affiliate store or setting up your own hosting business?

How much disk space and bandwidth does your website require? These are the two major resources you will use in a web hosting provider. When you upload stuffs in your web space, you consume disk space, and when visitors visit your site, stream music or videos, or download files to your website, you consume bandwidth.

While disk space is not much of a problem, bandwidth is. So, choose a web hosting provider that has a lot of bandwidth that can accommodate large number of visitors in case your site becomes popular.

Blogs, text based websites, small business sites, information sites, online stores, web directories and small forums usually consume low bandwidth while social networking sites, user-submitted content sites, video sites, and flash gaming sites require high bandwidth.

The more bandwidth and disk space you require, the higher your monthly expenses.

Are you moving your site?

Find out the current bandwidth rate of the site you want to move into a different web hosting provider. If the current bandwidth rate per month is 1GB, then a 3 GB bandwidth plan will do fine.

What is your spending budget?

Hosting plans can range from $5 per month to a hundred dollars per month. It’s up to you to determine the kind of web hosting plan you need based on your annual budget and how much you are willing to spend for your website.

Don’t hesitate to choose a cheap hosting site especially if your site is new as it will get you longer in the long run. Just remember that it must be bundled with the features you need for a startup site.

There are free hosting providers in the market, but the hosting provider usually include pop up ads, forced advertising and other annoyances that can hurt your site. I would recommend not using free hosting for an online business. There are many reliable and affordable best website hosting companies out there.

Do you need your own web server?

There are two types of  web hosting: shared and dedicated. With shared hosting, you are sharing a space in a server along with other customers of the hosting provider. Dedicated servers, on the other hand, means the server is yours alone. You will be the only one who will use the server box; therefore disk space, bandwidth, and memory are used by only your sites.

The only reason you will be using a dedicated hosting is that you have multiple sites running a video site or other sites that demand high traffic. Otherwise, shared web hosting is fine since the annual expense for a dedicated web hosting is more than $2000 compared to about $100 for a shared web hosting.

Can you install your own website?

If you don’t know how it is done, you might want to choose a web hosting provider that offers Fantastico, a server-based tool that lets you install content management software like WordPress in just a few clicks.

Other Things You Should Know

  • Go with managed servers if you want the hosting provider to deal with administrative issues in your site.
  • Backup your site often. Your web hosting provider should provide automated backups as one of their features to save your site from disasters.
  • VPS is an alternative in buying a dedicated server. It offers more resource than a shared hosting plan and more affordable than a dedicated hosting plan but boasts both features shared and dedicated plan has.
  • Unlimited disk space and bandwidth is not possible as servers buy hard disk for disk space and pay for bandwidth costs. It may seem that unlimited hosting plans are a perfect choice, but you have to know what their limit actually is to prevent problems that you may encounter because you don’t know about their limits.

Recommended Web Hosting: We recommend the following companies – Webhostinghub, Bluehost and Arvixe for your website.

Web Hosting Types – Why Choose One Type Over Another

After you have decided to start a website, you need a place to store your web pages, images, documents, and other files so that your visitors can access them with an internet connection.There are countless hosting companies available. It’s best to chose a web hosting company based on a recommendation. There are several good hosting review web sites on the internet where you can do a little research.

Here are various types of web hosting solutions. You need to choose a web hosting plan that meets your website requirements.
Shared Web Hosting
Shared hosting is the most common and basic form of web hosting. In shared hosting, many customers share one server. Each customer is given a portion of a server to use and is given a single cPanel login. Using this they can fully manage every aspect of your hosting account. With shared hosting, a web hosting company maintains the server and provides technical support for it.

Low cost. Cost is shared with others.Reduced security due to many sites on one server.
Good for family or small business sites with average traffic.Limited resources and software options.
It is managed by hosting provider and has the experience and resources to provide technical support for your site.Cannot install custom features access server resources

For most websites(personal sites, small to medium sized business sites, blogs, moderately trafficked eCommerce sites), shared hosting is enough. Find Best web hosting and hosting coupons or Find best asp.net hosting .
Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting
VPS hosting is a middle ground between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. Multiple users are sharing a dedicated server where there are significantly less customers than shared hosting. The users share the resources of the server, but the server space is broken up into segments, or “virtual servers,” so that each user’s  server is completely separate from one another and dedicated only to that user’s website.  The websites are not affected by the actions of others who share server space, and the IP address is unique to each client.

All the benefits of a dedicated server but at a fraction of the cost.Less powerful than dedicated servers
Good for very busy websites that require more resources than our shared or reseller plans provide.It requires more technical knowledge than shared hosting
This gives you the control of a dedicated server like root access, customize your own configuration, install applications etc without the large-scale investment.

Dedicated Web Hosting
Dedicated server is a server that is used entirely by one user. The server is not shared with any other clients, and you are free to utilize 100% of the resources available to you.

You have complete control over the entire server. You can customize the server for the unique needs of your business.The most expensive.
Good for large web sites with high traffic, and web sites that use special software.It requires skills and time to manage it
Greater flexibility, extensive storage space, quick processing times, Improved performance and security.Cannot install custom features access server resources

Find dedicated hosting

Managed Web Hosting
A managed hosting service is a type of hosting in which a server that is used entirely by one user not shared with anyone else and the hosting company will set up, manage and monitor your server. You will get the power of a Dedicated Server, without all the work.

With a managed hosting, you will not require an IT staff to run the server.The more expensive than dedicated server.
Good for websites who need the power of dedicated server but with less, little or none of the skilled people.
You will not have to buy the hardware required for the server infrastructure. Your host will provide the hardware and you can choose your needed software applications. For e.g. Web applications you need for blogging, eCommerce, managing customer contacts etc

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting offers of all of the features of shared hosting, but also allows you to create completely separate and unique hosting accounts with their own cPanel login details. This is perfect for those who have a network of websites or those who wish to provide/sell hosting services to others but allowing them their own control panel login so they can manage their account themselves.

Find reseller hosting

 Other Types of Web Hosting

You might come across other web hosting alternatives like:

  • File and Image Hosting – some hosting services offer file and image storage, but not Web sites. These are great for file access and image storage, but you can’t put a Web site up on them.
  • Weblog Hosting – Many companies offer Weblogs and blog hosting rather than a Web site specifically. These are typically less expensive than Standard Web hosting, but you’re limited to a Web site that can be built with their blog software.
  • Server Co-Location – When nothing but your own hardware located will do, you can find hosting companies that will host your server at their data center.
  • Cloud hosting