Best Service Providers for Efficient Image Hosting

An image hosting service lets you upload images and store photos under your personal space. You can then share it easily to your friends and family members by sending a link to the album, or add it to your website.

Having an image hosting to manage your photo is a good backup plan. You can save images from your hard drive to a DVD or CD but it can get lost or get broken. All of a sudden, the treasures you’ve been keeping for years are gone. Also if you put your photos online, others will be able to see it. If you put images on an image host and you let others access your images, you save a lot of time and money sharing it to people who wants to see it.

When choosing for the best image hosting site, understand the options and features available. Choose the one you think will best fit your needs.

  • Ease of Use. This includes how easily it is you are able to navigate to the site, how intuitive their uploading process is, and how simple it is done.
  • Capacity. How many photos do you want uploaded? It’s always a good idea to get more than what you need so you’ll be able to upload more in the future.
  • Cost. There are free image hosting and there are those that are too expensive. However, remember the rule when buying such services: “you get what you’ve paid for”. Take a look into what the image hosting service has to offer and determine what your goals are. In this way, you won’t waste time and money in finding a suitable host for you.
  • Customer Service. If something goes wrong and you don’t know what to do, someone should be there to fix it or at least help you understand what went wrong.




Photobucket is a simple and easy to use online image hosting service with lots of free storage and unlimited video uploads. It has more than 55 million users and hosts over 7 billion images. Photobucket integrates with a number of web services like Facebook, Blogger, and LiveJournal. This image hosting also includes editing capabilities so you don’t need a separate photo editing software.





Flickr is the current juggernaut of photo sharing. It is owned by Yahoo! and is one of the most commonly used photo sharing site. There are more than 6 billion live photos on Flickr. It is also an online image hosting service that allows photographers to socialize with each other through groups. Flickr Pro has a forum where photographers can create groups and share photos. You can even display  photos to your website. for eg. there are many fFlickr WordPress plugins available to display your photos either as a gallery, a galleria or a unbranded slideshow in posts, pages, and sidebar widgets.





SlickPic is offers unlimited storage and has professional editors to help you enhance your photos. You can create as many albums as you like and have them organized in a neat and orderly fashion. In addition to that, professional editors are available if you want to make your photos look better. This is the reason SlickPic is great for aspiring photographers and enthusiasts.