How to improve wordpress blog performance

11 Signs You Have a Bad Blog Reputation[And how to fix it]

Here’s a probable scenario..

You thought your blog was awesome..

But what if  your blog  did not look credible to your potential clients or visitors?

It is a disaster. Not knowing the facts that is..

Yeah..I know. It is a bitter pill to swallow..


First impressions last, so when people come to your blog, it will take just a matter of seconds before a person will visit your site again or not.

One way that a visitor can tell if your site is a good one or not is by the way your blog design is conveying it.

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The Psychology of Colors [Infographic]

One of the challenges graphic and web designers face is the use of colors in their designs. Colors affect the mood, personality, and how a particular brand or product is conveyed. This infographic explains the psychology of color and looks at some of the common associations of different colors. This also shows the importance of colors to consumers and its characteristics to the many different individual colors.

Colors not just present the brand or design to its customers but it also triggers psychological cues like emotions, moods and feelings. Whether you are a designer or consuming, the power of psychology can help you make better decisions.


Infographic by WebpageFX

The Cost of Poor Web Performance [Infographic]

Now that you’ve created your a beautiful website, you are certain that it will be able to generate the traffic that you deserve. However, after a few months nobody has ever visited your site. If there has been any visitors, you noticed that they only land for a few seconds and leave immediately.

You know your website is a work of art – a masterpiece, your friends even envy your work. What seems to be missing?

Aside from style, function and site speed is also a main contributing factor of an effective website. Slow loading sites aren’t just a major annoyance, but they also burden your site’s traffic and conversion – turning off your visitors and leaving a bad reputation to your brand.

Here’s an inforgraphic showing you the cost of poor web performance:


Top 6 Personal Finance Software for Small Business Owners

A personal finance software lets you track your budget, costs, and your overall finances. It can give you a clear picture of where your money is going. A personal finance software gives you a clear idea where your money is going, and where it has been through graphs and report. If you are planning for your financial future, reports provided by these tools are very useful.

With a personal finance software, you can now have a complete analysis of your finances. However, this graphs and reports can be a lot easier if you have some accounting background. It also lets you create a budget that you can stick in. These software create a realistic budget for you. Enter your basic information and it automatically creates a budget. Another benefit is that you can set these software to remind you when your bills will be due.

Ideally, a personal finance software lets you manage every aspect of your finances from expenses, to investments, future plans, and taxes. The software should also have the current information on tax laws and stock review so you can make informed decisions. Below are the things to prioritize when looking for a personal finance software:

Ease of use. A personal finance software lets you track transitions, setup accounts, and see detailed reports in just a few clicks.
Banking and Bills. It should have the ability to import all account data, including transactions right into the software. It also allows you to manage your savings and checking accounts as well as your loan, mortgage, and credit card accounts.
Reporting. Reports can happen cumulatively in months, weeks, and years. An easy-to-read pie chart and graph illustrates your cash flow, personal investment, and additional transactions.
Security. Security is the most important feature to have in a personal finance software. This is because you’ll be entrusting your account numbers, personal information, and other bank information to setup and manage your accounts. So, be sure that the software provider is not selling your personal information to anyone.



AceMoney is a personal finance tracking software that offer tools for creating and maintaining budgets, tracking investments, and it also has online banking feature. It is a versatile tool idea for all financial stages. It is easy for anyone to install, and it is simple and convenient for optimizing personal finances. It also has all the necessary information to help you achieve your financial goals. A great aspect in AceMoney is the upgrade guarantee. Most personal finance software comes with the newer ones come out, but you need to pay for it. AceMoney offers a one-time license that guarantees you’ll have get the upgrades without paying for it.

Download the 30-day free trial version of AceMoney


You Need A Budget
You Need A Budget

YNAB(You Need a Budget) offers the right tools for you to be financially stable. It is a personal finance software designed to help maintain a successful budget and achieve financial goals. YNAB is one of the most friendly personal finance software we’ve seen. It has its own philosophy that gives you a simple framework you can use to plan your budget. The goal is to rearrange finances so that you are able to live on the previous month rather than live paycheck by paycheck.

Try a 34-day full featured demo. Visit


Money Dance
Money Dance

MoneyDance has advanced features, online banking capailities, os support and bill paying at no additional charge. This personal finance software offers online banking which allows you to automatically synchronize your accounts in MoneyDance automatically. Also, the application offers application-based online bill payment. One of its greatest feature is their collection of extensions. Extensions include credit card payoff calculator, debt payment calculator, investment profit calculator, and more. These extensions help you plan for your financial future.

Download MoneyDance



RichOrPoor is a recommended software to those who likes a more traditional method of inputting their financial information. This software has a wide range of personal financee and has about any module to regulate your money. It can track accounts, bills, investments, transactions and can run reports. However, these modules doesn’t have all the features that an effective money management should have like financial planning and calculators. RichOrPoor lets you enter your bank’s name, create accounts, and enter balances. However, there isn’t any method to download a copy of it online. This feature is more of a way to keep track of your accounts than a balancing check book.

Try RichOrPoor



BankTree is a personal finance management software that has features and functionality that makes it fairly competitive with other software. The company is based in United Kingdom so if you are a customer from the US, you may have problems with its pricing as fluctuating exchange rates can get higher or lower depending on the given day. The finance software is simple and easy-to-use. Large icons are on the top of every screen which makes navigation quick and simple. BankTree leys ou import financial files downloaded from your bank. You can customize payee categories, run reports, and schedule your bills. Although it doesn’t offer bill paying services. BankTree is highly recommended for customers residing in the U.K as they can take advantage of the email support and a technical support through Skype.




iCash doesn’t come with a lot of features as opposed to other personal finance software but it has other great offers. iCash lets you create accounts, manage them, and see where your money is coming from or where it is going. It lets you mange your financial needs by allowing an easy import to all your accounts. It also gives you the capability to do a lot of things with their software because of its very friendly and customizable user interface. Users have the option to import information from credit cards, savings, and checkings account. This makes tracking simple and extremely convenient. Expenditures are automatically updated and categorized as soon as the account information is downloaded. iCash has a protective password that you must enter whenever you open the software. Budget sheets can be backed up. This is useful particularly when comparing last years spending with this year.

Visit iCash

How to Speed up Your Website for Better Rankings and SEO

website speed
Improve Your Site Speed

It’s no secret that Google is now using site speed as one of the key metrics in ranking your site. Usability is what Google is aiming at so users will be more satisfied to what search engines have given them. Patience is never an option in web pages. 1 out of 4 people abandon web pages that takes more than four seconds to load. Also, about 56% of website users wait for at least three seconds or less before abandoning a site. Which means that an increase of 1 second page load time can amount to about 7% loss in customers.

So let us get started. We have 2 parts basically.

  1. Analyze and check your current speed using a speed check tool.
  2. Make necessary modifications so that your site speed improves.

Part 1. Analyze and check your current site speed. See where you are now

We can get started with checking our current speed. Also after making necessary changes, we need to verify if speed has improved.  We have 2 good tools for this purpose.

1> Google Page Speed Insights:

Google Page Speed Tool
Google Page Speed Tool

This tool is more than just page speed. It checks site readiness for mobile, smartphones, ipad, iphone and other tab devices along with desktop/laptop readiness. It gives you a total score with color codes. Recommendations in Red is high priority and needs to be fixed.   Check your site speed using Google Page Speed Insights

2> GTMetrix:

GTMetrix Site Speed Test Tool
GTMetrix Site Speed Test Tool

GTMetrix is another popular speed checking tool that also gives you recommendations for improving your site speed. This tool is even better. It gives you a Page Speed score, YSlow score(tool from Yahoo for site speed check) and recommendations. Visit GTetrix

Part 2. How to Improve Your Site Speed

Keep it light

When you see that your page load times seems slow, blame it on how you use the elements in the page of your site. Go through your site and check for the following:

  • Do you have to many CSS in your server? Are there unused CSS? Delete them.
  • Are your images too large? Make it fit exactly the way you want them to see. For example you are showing a 800×600 image, only use that resolution. Don’t set it higher because it will tend to load slower due to browser rendering the image.
  • If you are using wordpress,  a wordpress plugin like WP Smush It can reduce image file sizea significantly and thus improve performance.
  • Are you having excessive HTTP headers? remove it.
  • Are you using too many plugins? Get rid of it if you don’t need it.
  • Is your JavaScript too heavy? Minify and compress it.

Use CSS Sprites

CSS sprite is a technique where multiple images are combined into one image and is shown to the users one part at a time using CSS. CSS sprites reduces the number of browser roadtrips to make the pages load faster. It may sound complicated at first but all you need is to visit a sprite generator site, upload pictures, and you’re good to go.

Don’t use CSS @import

Don’t use CSS @import

The CSS @import function helps load external stylesheets to your webpage. Although it is a nifty feature, it adds more browser roundtrip times; thus incrases your web page load times. To get rid of the @import in your CSS simply replace it with <link>.

@import url(“../style.css”);

@import url(“../style1.css”)


<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style1.css”>

<link rel=”stylesheet” href=”style2.css”>

Avoid Unnecessary Redirects

Avoid Unnecessary Redirects

HTTP 300 refers to a server redirect, HTTP 400 is an authentication issue and HTTP 500 is a server error. All these errors will cause unnecessary roundtrips for the browsers. Although HTTP 300s are avoidable, you should focus more attention on HTTP 400s and 500s.

Cache everything that can be cached

Gone are the days where you have to instruct your server what you need to cache and what you wouldn’t want cached because today, with the help of CMS, you can rely on third-party plugin for caching. These plugins can cache the latest version of your webpage to reduce the needs of creating a dynamic content during a repeat visit. If your have a wordpress blog, use  a cache plugin like WP Super Cache

Best and smart way: Choose a high performance web host or a CDN

If all these procedure doesn’t make your site load faster, maybe it’s your server’s fault. If you want your page to load faster, simply switching from a better web host will make it work.

Host with a CDN: Hosting with a CDN(Content Delivery Network) service like MaxCDN can give high performance websites. A CDN can not only  gives high speed website, but also can handle high traffic as well.  MaxCDN is a popular CDN service and has plans starting at just $45 for first year.  

Try MaxCDN with 100% money back gurantee

Best Web Host

Host with SiteGround, a high performance web host:

SiteGround is a stable and favorite web host among developers who are looking for high performance.  Plans start at just $3.95 per month.

More Details of SiteGround Hosting

Best Service Providers for Efficient Image Hosting

An image hosting service lets you upload images and store photos under your personal space. You can then share it easily to your friends and family members by sending a link to the album, or add it to your website.

Having an image hosting to manage your photo is a good backup plan. You can save images from your hard drive to a DVD or CD but it can get lost or get broken. All of a sudden, the treasures you’ve been keeping for years are gone. Also if you put your photos online, others will be able to see it. If you put images on an image host and you let others access your images, you save a lot of time and money sharing it to people who wants to see it.

When choosing for the best image hosting site, understand the options and features available. Choose the one you think will best fit your needs.

  • Ease of Use. This includes how easily it is you are able to navigate to the site, how intuitive their uploading process is, and how simple it is done.
  • Capacity. How many photos do you want uploaded? It’s always a good idea to get more than what you need so you’ll be able to upload more in the future.
  • Cost. There are free image hosting and there are those that are too expensive. However, remember the rule when buying such services: “you get what you’ve paid for”. Take a look into what the image hosting service has to offer and determine what your goals are. In this way, you won’t waste time and money in finding a suitable host for you.
  • Customer Service. If something goes wrong and you don’t know what to do, someone should be there to fix it or at least help you understand what went wrong.




Photobucket is a simple and easy to use online image hosting service with lots of free storage and unlimited video uploads. It has more than 55 million users and hosts over 7 billion images. Photobucket integrates with a number of web services like Facebook, Blogger, and LiveJournal. This image hosting also includes editing capabilities so you don’t need a separate photo editing software.





Flickr is the current juggernaut of photo sharing. It is owned by Yahoo! and is one of the most commonly used photo sharing site. There are more than 6 billion live photos on Flickr. It is also an online image hosting service that allows photographers to socialize with each other through groups. Flickr Pro has a forum where photographers can create groups and share photos. You can even display  photos to your website. for eg. there are many fFlickr WordPress plugins available to display your photos either as a gallery, a galleria or a unbranded slideshow in posts, pages, and sidebar widgets.





SlickPic is offers unlimited storage and has professional editors to help you enhance your photos. You can create as many albums as you like and have them organized in a neat and orderly fashion. In addition to that, professional editors are available if you want to make your photos look better. This is the reason SlickPic is great for aspiring photographers and enthusiasts.


30 Best HTML5 Canvas Applications

HTML is one of the best programming languages that is being used by the designers because it is simple and can generate unique and innovative results on the webpage. Since the inception of this programming language, many new versions have been introduced in accordance with the latest up gradation in the multimedia and other related fields.

The latest version of the HTML language is the HTML 5 which has cutting edge functionality called the canvas. As the name suggests, the canvas is an area which the developer can use for drawing with the help of HTML coding. With the use of this canvas only two dimensional pictures or shapes can be drawn. The concept of canvas was first introduced by Apple and later on other programming language also adopted this concept. In the canvas elements diverse drawing functions are integrated which the designers can apply to get diverse effects on the webpage. The designers can also use JavaScript codes on the HTML 5 canvas to come up with unique results. Alluring graphics of different types can be created using this application. Therefore, the designers must get an in-depth knowledge about the different tools of this platform to come up with unique results.

In this post, we have posted some of the most innovative and stunning HTML 5 created designs. This will help the designers in getting some ideas about how to make the best use of this platform for creating alluring graphic designs. Browse through these examples to understand the capability of canvas application of HTML 5.

1. Leaf Transform


2. 3D OBJ Viewer


3. Canvas Colour Cycling


4. Canvas Sphere


5. Canvas Tree


6. Chakra


7. Coulisse


8. Dynamic Image Collage


9. Cloth Simulation


10. Cloudkick Viz


11. Club LOC


12. Flower Power


13. Harmony


14. IGrapher


15. Image Washing


16. Imgkk


17. Liquid Particles


18. L-System Turtle Fractal Renderer


19. Lucid Chart


20. Magnetic


21. Music visualisation with sound manager 2


22. Or So They Say


23. ParCycle


24. Particle Message


25. Photo Kaleidoscope


26. Raindrops Particle System


27. Sketchpad


28. The Wilderness Downtown


29. threshold filter


30. Trippy Peppers


35 Useful Online Image Resizers

Online image resizer is a helpful online tool which has made editing easy. The users do not need to download any complicated software which requires specific commands and skills for editing the images. The quality of the photographs will also not get effected with the use of these online image resize.

Many online image resizing platforms are present on the internet. The users can simply upload the images that they want to edit and use the arrow keys for resizing the photos and thereafter download the edited image and use it. The interface of the online editing tools is extremely user friendly. Moreover, images in any format i.e. jpeg, png, gif or others are supported by these platforms. The speed at which the process can be completed is dependent on the internet speed of the users. These online tools will be helpful for cropping images, adding some special effects, changing the format, changing the grey scale, the quality of the pictures and for performing many other functions. Make the best use of these easy to use online tools for getting the desired effect.

If you search on the internet, you are going to come across plenty of online image resizing tools. In this editorial, we have posted the thirty five best and most user friendly online image resizer among them. The use of these platforms is extremely cost effective because the Photo editing software’s are very expensive. Though some open source photo editing platforms are present but the use of these can cram the memory of your computer unnecessarily. Therefore, make the best use of the online image resizer to get the desired effect.

1. Cut my pic


2. Dosize


3. Fix picture


4. Pragmatic world


5. Photo size


6. Resize it


7. Rsizr


8. Convert hub


9. Drpic


10. Dynamic drive


11. Image editor


12. Image splitter


13. Image tools


14. Imageutils


15. Iresize


16. kategorie


17. Luna pic


18. Micro effects


19. Pic Resize


20. Pixizer


21. Puny png


22. Quick thumbnail


23. Reshade


24. Resize 2 mail


25. Resize image


26. Resize now


27. Resize pic


28. Resizer


29. Resize your image


30. Resizr


31. Shrink pictures


32. Site report card


33. Smushit


34. Snip shot


35. Web resizer


Who else wants 25 Best HTML5 Techniques to spice up your site

HTML5 is the latest version of the standard HTML programming language. The latest version of HTML has been upgraded with new features that are compatible with the most up-to-date multimedia, browsers and the computers. Designers should make the best use of this platform to come up with beautiful web designs.

If you want to exploit the HTML 5 platform for your next project, then the resourceful tutorials are the best place to start with. These tutorials will help you in getting acquainted with all the tips, tricks and techniques which will help you to come up with beautiful and at the same time optimized web designs.

In this age of cutthroat competition learning new skills are extremely important as it help in giving you a substantial hike in your career and give you an edge over your competitors. The HTML 5 techniques can be integrated with the jQuery, CSS3 or other platforms to come up with impressive results. Use these to enrich your skills as it will help you in your future projects.

In this editorial we have enlisted twenty five of the best HTML 5 tutorials that will definitely enrich your skills. All the tutorials that have been listed here will help in creating different effects on screen like creating audio, video or pictorial slide shows, designing the webpage of different applications, for designing website templates or generating other effects. All the links of the tutorials that have been posted here are quality checked by us. So make the most of these.

1. An HTML5 Slideshow


2. Design & Code a Cool iPhone App Website in HTML5


3. Detect Geolocation On Web Browser Using HTML5


4. Fullscreen Slideshow with HTML5 Audio


5. How to Code a Clean Website Template in HTML5


6. HTML5 & CSS3 envelope contact form


7. HTML5 Grayscale Image Hover


8. Making a Beautiful HTML5 Portfolio


9. Creating an Animated 404 Page


10. Create a Stylish Contact Form with HTML5


11. A puzzle game using HTML5


12. Banish JavaScript in Web Forms with HTML5


13. Build a Neat HTML5 Powered Contact Form


14. Building a live news blogging system in php. Spiced with HTML5


15. Coding An HTML 5 Layout From Scratch


16. Create a Grid Based Web Design in HTML5


17. Create a Sticky Note Effect


18. Cross Browser HTML5 Placeholder Text


19. Cute Popup Bar With HTML5


20. How To Create A HTML5 Contact Form


21. HTML5 iPhone App


22. Implementing HTML5 Drag and Drop


23. Positioning with Geolocation


24. Rethinking Forms in HTML5


25. The Techniques You’ll Soon Be Using