Optimize WooCommerce Page

7 Steps For an Optimal WooCommerce Product Page

Running an e-commerce store is not a cup of tea for everyone.
It requires to stay upgraded all the time with the new trends and make changes according to the preferences of customers. It is mandatory to have an attractive WooCommerce product page for managing a successful e-commerce store, which can make or break your site, as the customers may add a product to their cart or they just move onto something else.

Ultimate Goal:The ultimate goal is to increase sales for which you need to do more than just make your products available on your website.

Usually, the businesses are turning towards some smart strategies to convince people to take a chance on them by creating persuasive product pages, which highlights what you have to offer in the best possible light.

Better Conversion: Your WooCommerce website is expected to convert more browsers to buyers when it is fully optimized for performance and functionality as your customers demand an intuitive and pleasurable experience.

There are many ways to optimize a WooCommerece website and this article suggests strategies and offers resources for trimming down a bloated website and guide the e-commerce owners to make sure their conversion optimization is on track.

Before jumping direct to the tips and tricks, let us begin with some basics.

What is WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is an open-source e-commerce plugin created by WordPress.org  to help developers or a simple user to develop their website by leveraging the most powerful content management system (CMS) to run it on your online store.

Being open-source, it is easily customized according to your choices and also allows to build custom extensions which may differ from WooCommerce developers.

Is WooCommerce SEO friendly?

After creating your website, you might wonder if the WooCommerce is SEO friendly?

The answer to this is YES  as the WooCommerce runs on the top of WordPress which is considered as a standard compliant for SEO which allows using plugins and techniques to further improve your WooCommerce product SEO.

When you begin an online store with WooCommmerce, the system allows you to add themes, products, description, images and other related information for your store website.

There are tremendous benefits by adding a WooCommerce plugin to your website.

Here are 6 hacks to convert your browsers into buyers

#1  Provide a Clear Description

While browsing an online store, the title of the product catches attention and gets a lot of focus around everything. It usually shows up prominent text on the individual WooCommerce product page and categorizes archive your store’s application.

It is also mandatory to look after the appearance of the sidebar or footer of your store which depends on the widgets you are using. It is crucial to make the details of your product as effective as possible as the item should be clearly described in simple terms for better understanding.

To increase the conversion, you can try to include a primary keyword for better search engine optimization. The store owners can always opt for a simple language description which is easily understandable by the shoppers.

While giving the product description, it is best to avoid the temptation to get creative. Beginning with the introduction, you should always include the most important first to provide vital details the customers need before making a purchasing decision.

Also, instead of just writing a wall of text regarding the product, you can break up different types of information into unique sections. You can also include a short description of the product to catch user attention.

#2  Upload High-Quality images

A picture is often much more persuasive than text when it comes to making a purchase online. Generally, most people make a final decision only after looking at the product image.

Make sure your product images are not poorly-lit or small and unprofessional photo which does not offer much detail. One should make sure to upload one’s original picture of what they have in store and not a stock photo.

It might happen that you want to upload multiple images rather than a single click. There is a feature to provide multiple images from different perspectives of the product.

Another alternative is to provide one or more pictures showing the product in use to help potential customers get a better feel for how the item might fit into their daily routine.

#3  Make use of Breadcrumbs

The breadcrumb links appear along the top of product pages which help visitors move back to previous category or landing pages easily. These links help visitors show where they are and where they have been.

BreadCrumbs are most important for WooCommerce websites as they help to get most out of the SEO capabilities by simply using a plugin names Yoast SEO. The Yoast SEO plugin is considered one of the best SEO plugins out there which help to focus keyword for every page of your website.

After you select the focus keyword, Yoast SEO gives you suggestions on how to best use it on the page to get great credits. The plugin helps you to use the right keywords effectively as it is crucial to attract the right visitors and convert leads to customers.

#4  Simple Navigation for your Website

Apart from the breadcrumbs link, there are other ways to ensure that visitors do not get lost and frustrated on your e-commerce website.

Clean and simple site navigation can have a big impact on your bounce rates and time spent on site by the visitors as the more time a visitor spends on your site, the higher rank your website gets in search results.

By keeping your main navigation easy to follow and simple, you can improve your website’s navigation but not the visitors. So, your main navigation should only include the most important page links for users.

Rest other links can be stored in your site’s footer. This way you can get a little attention from the users through easy navigation. Google is expected to use search spiders to automatically review and index search results if it does not find a page on your website.

To overcome this, you can always add links to your site footer. This helps Google to tell what pages are important since you are linking to them in every page’s footer.

For example, you may have nice discount codes like an ipage hosting coupon or coupon codes from your estore etc to offer your customers.  Why not create a dedicated page for coupons and then link to it from footer section. 

#5  Reduce the Website Load time

It is easily understood that the faster you get your products in front of visitors, the more likely they are going to continue shopping. So, it is important to pay attention at optimal load times for conversions across all device types.

Few online website speed tests like Pingdom suggests to remove query strings from static resources and combining external JavaScript. If you lag your website’s load time, it may cost you sales.

Hence, you can always opt for hacks to keep your customers more engaged and converting. You can always optimize your media as online stores need plenty of demo videos and product images to make sales.

#6  Upgrade Store Analytics

To boost your conversions depends on data to deliver valuable customer insights where Google Analytics can help you a long way.

Today, the stores require even more granular metrics for managing customer relationships and all of this data can get in the way of running your store.

You can always consider upgrading your analytics to a platform that brings data from your e-commerce platform to combat the flood of information from analytics tools and advertising sources. An illustration of DOMO can be given which is a platform used to give every decision maker real-time data across all of your analytics sources.

You are also able to pull from more data points using data consolidation and also micro-target your customers to personalize sales and generate more revenue opportunities.

#7  Prohibit Cart Abandonment

The e-commerce store owners are always worried about the cart abandonment as that represents an enormous amount of untapped sales to reclaim.

There can be plenty of reasons for which people can abandon their shopping carts. Most of them are To create an account for purchasing, Give long and detailed information and much more.

In order to avoid this, there are few payment methods like Jilt and YITH WooCommerce Recover Abandoned Cart to customize email campaigns for winning back cart abandoners, create automatic and strategically scheduled email reminders and build out a contact email to remind customer what they were ready to purchase.

Wrap Up

The WooCommerce is gaining popularity as it is conveniently easy how to use it and you can also create your online store in under an hour. It will take time to process your website if you want to see results.

There is always a lot of information you can add to a WooCommerce product page and so one should pay attention to most important optimizations. furthermore, you can also add attributes to help describe your product and consider using those attributes to create a separate product variation that shoppers can purchase.

Hence, by using these few hacks you can optimize your Product page and generate more revenues by turning the visitors into buyers with the help of WooCommerce. Happy Shopping.

Author Bio:

Donna McAllister is working in WordPress development company eTatvaSoft.com. An avid reader and a passionate writer, She shared her ideas on path-breaking IT solutions, current IT trends and much more. Understanding how technology affects the world is her subject of interest.

5 Carefully Picked Mobile Apps for Managing WordPress Blogs

You can get several tasks completed when working on your computer. But, what if you’re not present on your desk (i.e. away from it)? There’s nothing to worry, as you can still increase your productivity without remaining glued to your desk using mobile apps. The same is true for WordPress blogs. With the advent of more and more mobile apps, bloggers are leveraging the opportunity to manage their blogs even on the move. Additionally, bloggers are able to carry out plenty of blog-related tasks via their Smartphones, even when they’re away from their system.

In today’s mobile dominated world, running a blog that isn’t optimized for mobile devices can give you a hard work, even when you’re using the easy to use CMS such as WordPress. However, utilizing a mobile app technology can work wonders for you.

In this post, we’ll talk about 5 of the best iOS and Android apps available online that give bloggers the ability to connect and share their work on-the-go. Read More

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11 Signs You Have a Bad Blog Reputation[And how to fix it]

Here’s a probable scenario..

You thought your blog was awesome..

But what if  your blog  did not look credible to your potential clients or visitors?

It is a disaster. Not knowing the facts that is..

Yeah..I know. It is a bitter pill to swallow..


First impressions last, so when people come to your blog, it will take just a matter of seconds before a person will visit your site again or not.

One way that a visitor can tell if your site is a good one or not is by the way your blog design is conveying it.

Read More

5 Best WordPress Typography Plugins(Awesome Fonts! )

An awesome font can always attract and hold the readers attention.

Just like images, graphics, layouts, colors and other visual stuffs, fonts too are an essential building block of a website.

Role Of Typegraphy:

They play an important role in forming the overall appearance of a website. When you create a website with WordPress, it provides decent typography features to cope with the texts on your website.

However, it’s possible to unlock new types of fonts and use them on your website to enrich its feel and look incredibly.

And, it can be achieved with the best WordPress typography plugins.

Why is typography important? 

The texts on your website are useless if they are not readable and catch readers’ attention.

Especially when you have blogging website, then choosing right type of font is a key to your blog’s success.

Further, typography is the most important element for successful web design which determines the success or failure of the web design.

It doesn’t matter how much effort you put in the aesthetic aspect of your website, without proper fonts, it’s just a piece of design and not useful from visitors’ point of view.

By using the best font plugin for WordPress, you can easily improve the fonts on your website to enhance its appearance.


1.Easy Google Fonts

This is an amazing WordPress custom font plugin, because it is an easy tool which allows integrating custom Google fonts to any WordPress theme.

And, it doesn’t require any kind of coding to add the fonts.

It is possible to integrate this plugin with your WordPress Customizer that allow you to preview the fonts in real-time.

Plus, it works with all themes.

Apart from this, Easy Google Fonts allow creating tailored font controls for different themes in the admin settings section to access specific CSS selectors.

After creation of such custom font controls, they can be instantly accessed from the customizer without any type of coding.

Easy Google Fonts has a lot of features such as it provides over 600+ Google fonts, compatible with any WP theme, automatic background updates, translation ready, create own font rules and controls, preview font changes in real-time and lot more.

Its recent version, at the time of writing this post, is 1.3 with 300,000+ active installations. It requires WP version 4.8 through 4.9.6.

2.WP Typography

It is an awesome typography plugin which adds several typography features to your blog.

This plugin offers intelligent character placement, spacing control, hyphenation, smart handling of different characters and quotes, wrapping of long URLs, as well as CSS hooks that enable styling of acronyms, upper case letters, ampersands, and other special characters.

It has been installed by 10,000+ users and its recent version is 5.3.5 which is compatible with WordPress version 4.6 through 4.9.6.

You can work with this plugin to use captivating fonts on your website that will grab the attention of visitors.

3.Typekit Fonts for WordPress

Typekit Fonts makes it possible to be easily embedded in your WP website without requiring to alter the website theme.

It provides a service that enables you to choose different fonts from a wide-range of high-quality font options for your website.

With this plugin, you can choose various adorable fonts to enrich your website with elegant characters and enhance its look.

Since, the fonts are embedded using font-faced standard, hence they are standard compliant, as well as they are fully accessible and licensed.

It works with WP version 4.2 through 4.9.6.



This plugin is quite a useful typography utility for you if you are running a website where you provide blogs related to programming.

This amazing tool easily highlights syntax in the code snippets that are placed on your website like in case of a web development or design blog.

It’s a great tool to use if you frequently add code snippets to your blog. CodeColorer is compatible with WP version 4.0 through 4.9.6.

Moreover, it has 5000+ active installations and its latest version is 0.9.15 (when writing this post).

5. Enlighter

Enlighter is a free, customizable syntax highlighting tool, which easily works with any WordPress website.

Further, this easy-to-use plugin is built in PHP and utilizes EnlighterJS, which is based on MooTools (JavaScript), to offer an adorable code-appearance.

With this simple tool, you can choose an editor style or add shortcode around your scripts that you wish to highlight, then the rest will be taken care by Enlighter.

It can be used with WordPress version 3.9 through 4.9.6.


In order to provide your website users with the best experience and to present your content effectively, it is important to pay attention to typography of your website.

With the above plugins, it is possible to add clarity and crispness to the texts on your website and make them readable as well as eye-catchy.

By improving texts on your site, it is possible to grab website visitor’s attention and present your ideas more effectively.

Author Bio:

Steven Bowen is a columnist and professional blogger associated with No-refresh: T-Shirt Design Software Provider, who likes sharing informative post with high-quality content to enhance the visitors’ knowledge.

5 Essential WordPress Design Tricks for 2018 [Infographic]

WordPress is one of the most popular CMSs across the globe.

Why not?

WordPress Stats: Around 19,500,000 websites on the entire web use WordPress. The keyword “WordPress” is Googled around 2.8 million times every month.

If you are reading this right now, there’s a high chance that you are either a Web Developer, a WordPress designer or someone who wants to build the most amazing piece of creation for their brand.

Robust web design solutions..Thats what we need..

So whats the deal?

No matter who you are, if you want to build robust web design solutions, you are at the right place.

What follows next will change the way you look at the design, and help you create the most exceptional design solutions for your extremely valued clients.

When it comes to a website or blog design is more important than its functionality.

It can be hard to understand exactly why businesses pay so much for web design work.

After all, as long as you have a functional blog, it doesn’t matter how it looks like, right?


Unfortunately, that isn’t the case.

Find whats works best for your businessWeb Design is one of the most important aspects of your online presence. This does not mean that you need to pay hefty amount to design your blog, but rather that you need to find a style of web design that works for your business.

Here are some amazing WordPress Design Tips, that will help you make your site look exceptional.

#1: Choose a Professional  WordPress Theme

You must consider the thought of investing in a “premium theme”

Here’s the thing…

There are “near to infinite” free WordPress themes available in the WordPress repository from which you can choose one for your blog.

However, if you wish your blog to look exceptional and stand out from the crowd, you must consider the thought of investing in a “premium theme” which can make your blog  look exceptional!

There are more than 11,000 WordPress themes on ThemeForest – the largest market of WordPress themes.

Also, while choosing a premium theme, make sure it is responsive.

Recommended reading: Best WordPress theme providers you should know

#2: Follow KISS Philosophy:

KISS  – Keep it Simple and Stupendous!

Well, at first this might sound a little weird, but the fact of the matter is, no one likes complex websites which are hard to use and impossible to interact with.

The design of your blog should be simple to use and easy to interact with.


You should always strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity.

These two are the most vital components to produce great design.

Clarity of design and simplicity of use produce the ideal combination of form and function that helps your websites simply work better all around.

“The best design is the simplest one that works.”

-Albert Einstein

#3: Keep It Lite:

Make sure your blog loads fast. Don’t let your design overshadow your blog’s speed.

This might sound pretty obvious to an extent, yet too many designers tend to overlook the importance of a “fully optimized website”.

No one likes to sit in front of an “ever loading” blog (which has a great design).

Today, if your blog does not load in the first 3-5 seconds, the user will definitely click on the “X” icon on the top of the tab and get along with something else – probably your competitor’s “creatively designed and fully optimized website”.

What am I coming to?

The point here is this, don’t let your design overshadow your blog’s  speed.

Be picky with your plugins and theme. Do more with least number of plugins. This will help your blog to load much faster and look prettier.  

Tip: Read this article –> Optimize WordPress Performance.

“Speed, it seems to me, provides the one genuinely modern pleasure.”

– Aldous Huxley

#4: Don’t Be Just Another WordPress Blog:

WordPress gives you the ultimate freedom to be wild, imaginative, creative, experimental, and build something out of the box that your users will fall in love with.

Be wild, imaginative, creative, experimental, and build something out of the box.

I am not sure why so many people play too small while building their brand.

If you are not too good at it, there are so many WordPress Development companies out there to help you in leveraging the freedom of WordPress.

You won’t be surprised to know, WordPress powers 14.7% of top 100 websites in the world.

Websites of top brands like Sony Music, MTV News, Time Inc, are powered by WordPress.

With WordPress, you too can be the next top website across the globe.

“A good designer knows he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

#5: Add a Flavor of Humour:

Add a Flavor of Humour to your blog

Sometimes, a little flavor of humor helps to build a good rapport between your brand and the end user.

There are a lot of instances where you can intelligently add humor to your website to build a good rapport with your fans.

For a start, how about having a funny “404 Page”? Yeah! That’s right.

Instead of, “404 Error. Oops! Page Not Found!” how about deliberately designing it and replacing the default one with:

“Oh no, you’ve found our junior developer’s homepage! Despite sleeping on the couch most of the day, our junior web developer still finds time to do some coding…”  🙂

I mean the one above was just a very general example of how intelligently integrated humor can build a rapport with your end user.

Here too, you can get as creative as you will and challenge the status quo, thereby building a good rapport with your end users. 

“Humour is the affectionate communication of insight.”

– Leo Rosten

Final Words

I hope the above WordPress design tips will invariably help you in adding creativity to your website, thereby making the user experience luxurious and exceptional.

Of course, this is not the end. In fact, improving the UX is a never-ending journey you could embark upon.

You can keep updating the content, customizing typography, fonts and the overall feel of the website that will invariably make your users proud to be using your products.

Not only that, if your website “feels great” people will not hesitate to promote your brand as a whole. 

Also, if you have some amazing WordPress Design tips that you would like to share, we would be more than happy to hear that from you.

Please feel free to comment more such amazing tips that can help others to design “creativity”. 

“There are three responses to a piece of design– yes, no, and WOW! Wow is the one you should always aim for.”

Author Bio: 

The author is Maulik Shah, founder & CEO of Biztech IT Consultancy Pvt Ltd, a leading WordPress Development Company. He also runs Biztech blog, where he shares insights from the world of ecommerce and other web based technologies.

3 Smart Tools To Find If your blog is Responsive(Updated)

Responsive design gives you WebPages that are easy to load, facilely usable and precisely comprehensible.

Responsive web design came into play after the iPad instilled such features in the most appreciable manner.

Since then, responsive design is the major focus while crafting WordPress Websites.

However, even in the present scenario of digitalization, some of the folks using website services are still unaware of what exactly responsive design means.

All they wish for is better website loading speed and an astonishing website presentation. Nobody wants to wait for a webpage and its imagery to load, it makes them irritable. Read More

9 Strong Reasons To Convert(website) to WordPress

Fact: WordPress powers 30% of all sites on the web.

Online sites,nowadays, are quite complex, yet provide enjoyable and much richer experience for visitors and site creators alike.

It is mainly because of open source platforms like WordPress.

Over the past 10 years or more, WordPress has succeeded in its mission to democratize online publishing. You can choose right plugins or theme for modern websites with advanced functions and designs.

It helps you to avoid the mess created by HTML coding!

That’s why you need to convert HTML website to WordPress, where you can get multiple plugins and themes to make your task of website design and development an easier option.

Why prefer WordPress over HTML?

In case you have a plain business website, it is time to power it up with WordPress themes.

It is a perfect platform for small and medium businesses. WordPress offers dynamic platform for developing website and business blogs.

Apart from that, there are some strong reasons to convert html to wordpress.

1.Easy to setup and customize:

Programmer icon flat set with web services data protection app development isolated vector illustration


For an HTML site, you have to contact web designer every time you need to update content or add pictures to your site.

This isn’t the case with WordPress.

Through this open source platform, it will be much easier to build your website. With few clicks, you can install and customize the website design.

From adding pictures to content, or even for updating your online site, you can have complete control over your website.

Even novices will find it easier to use WordPress, as it is free from coding.

2.Free and open source

WordPress offers its users with a complete database full of free themes and plugins to use.

However, for availing the premium plugins and themes, you might have to pay a small fee with the free options, you can perform any kind of customization.

You can even improve source code mainly because of its open source nature.

3. Quite easy to manage:

If compared to HTML sites, WordPress gains its popularity because of its easy manageability.

For beginners, it is rather hard to edit some raw HTML code and work on changes.

But, they don’t have to bother about any of these changes, thanks to WordPress. This platform helps them to manage website pretty well and even update it whenever the time arises.

With a simple intuitive interface, even the non-technical members can update the online site anytime.

4. Strong Community of developers

WordPress houses a big community.

Therefore, no matter whatever security issue you are facing, it will be treated instantly.

Another plus point is that it provides every user with the liberty to contribute to this source. It has a higher level of customizability with multiple themes to help users remain updated with latest happenings in the WP community.

Continuous support and flexibility from this community are the major characteristics to make this experience a memorable one for the new users.

5. Comes with mobile optimization:

Mobile browsing is increasing at a high rate.

If you fail to make your website mobile optimized, chances are high that you are losing on your customer count. You might even lose mobile based website traffic to competitor.

Unfortunately, trying to create a mobile version of HTML site can be expensive and quite complicated. But, that’s not the case with WordPress.

Mobile optimization through WP is rather simple. You can procure mobile friendly themes and plugins like WP Touch for creating easier mobile versions.

6.  Multiple user capability:

One of the best features of WordPress platform is it’s multi user functionality which is hard to find in HTML.

Through this characteristic, it becomes easier for allocating specific roles to assign tasks.

Let’s take an example.

You can assign “Author” to the person, known for publishing and managing the post. Moreover, you can give the “editor” role to the person, who is given the responsibility to edit or manage the post, after the author posted it.

Another one is “subscribe”, which is presented to someone managing profile and receiving regular updates on the site.

7. Best way to save money and time:

For a dynamic HTML site, you are in need of experienced programmers to help you code and maintain it entirely.This is not just time consuming but quite expensive as well.

You have to pay each programmer individual for his or her part in establishing your website.

Now, with WordPress, you can actually avoid making these extra payments. Through WordPress, anyone will not just setup a website but get to manage it completely without any secondary help from the developers.

This will help you to save time and focus on your major business.

8. SEO friendly

If you want your business to gain popularity, you have to integrate SEO to your website.

Here, WordPress can help you by offering multiple security features. This will provide users with the SEO guidelines for optimizing individual websites.

As Google loves new content, so WordPress is constructed as a blogging sector. Here, you can easily add new content on a daily basis. There are multiple plugins available, which will make your WordPress site SEO friendly.

So, now you know the reason to head for html to wordpress conversion.

9. Customized as per your design:

WordPress gives you the freedom to customize your online site according to your designs. For that, you need to choose a related theme.

At first, theme customization may seem a bit complicated but it’s easy to accomplish it with the help of WordPress community.

So, WordPress can be utilized for creating websites, mainly depending on business requirements.

You can further modify the functions and look of the site for making it beneficial for your business. For customizing, users can either choose from the free WordPress themes or from the premium ones.


After going through the points, it is clear that converting HTML websites to WordPress is your firsthand priority.

Even though you don’t need it, but still you can ask programmers and web developers to help you with the conversion.

Author bio:

Brandon Graves is a WordPress geeks as well as digital marketing expert who work for one of the reputed WordPress development company in the USA.

He right now handling the projects such as convert html to wordpress website, plugins development, website SEO and much more. PLease follow him on Facebook for latest updates.


7 Best WordPress Plugins For Optimal Search Rankings(2018)

Search engine optimization is an indispensable activity if you are a business that has gone online. There are many different activities that comprise a total SEO campaign.

One of which is the use of WordPress plugins that can help boost your site’s search rankings.

The following are 7 of the most effective WordPress plugins that you can use to help you achieve your SEO goals:

#1. Yoast SEO Plugin

One of the popular SEO plugins on WordPress is Yoast SEO which has been around since 2008.

Yoast can help in the strategic management of Meta titles, descriptions, and keywords. XML sitemaps creation is also made a lot easier through Yoast.

You will also be saved from Google penalties because Yoast can help you avoid the duplication of content by setting canonical URLs.

6 Figure Blogging

#2. All in One SEO Pack

Created in 2007, All in One SEO is one of the most downloaded WordPress plugins.

It boasts a number of features that can help sites on their SEO initiatives.

What’s great about All in One SEO Pack is that a lot of the optimization is done automatically for you like title optimization and the generation of Meta tags. This helps beginners do SEO at ease.

All in One SEO also claims to be the only plugin that offers the integration to e-Commerce sites such as WooCommerce for free.

#3. Redirection

Ever experienced a 404 error or a 301 redirect? Annoying, right?

Giving this exact feeling to your site’s visitors can really put your site’s ranking in shambles.

But if you have a huge site, preventing this can be a challenge.

This is especially true if you are monitoring your site manually.

To help you prevent such a catastrophe, Redirection can help you out. It’s a plugin that you can you manage 301s and monitor 404s automatically.

It has been around for more than 10 years and have over 700,000 installations.

#4. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker is another WordPress plugin that you can help you in your SEO initiatives.

It can help you monitor your content, such as posts and comments, for broken links and missing images.

In SEO, checking for broken links is an important task. Search engines will follow your links to check for any issue.

You will face penalties should issues be found. Broken Link Check then helps you prevent such penalties which can save your ranking.

#5. Google XML Sitemaps

XML sitemaps help search engines’ web crawlers to run through your site. As a general SEO rule, you should try to appease search engines in as much as you can.

At the end of the day, search engines do set the rules for SEO and what they say goes for who tops the SEO game.

Google has its own XML sitemap plugin that can help you create a sitemap with ease, and without the need for any third-party plugin.

After creating a sitemap, remember to submit it to the Google Search Console. You should also try Google XML sitemaps for Videos and for Images.

#6. W3 Total Cache

Your site’s speed is an essential factor to consider for your total SEO campaign. One of the pillars of SEO is user experience, and site speed is a vital factor.

A plugin that helps your site load faster is, therefore, an essential tool to use. One such tool is W3 Total Cache.

W3 Total Cache is a plugin that can help reduce your site’s rendering time, as well as improve your site’s download speed, which ultimately leads to a better overall performance of your site.

When used to its full capacity, W3 Total Cache can help your site load in less than 2 seconds, which is very much impressive, and would really bring about a lot of benefits to user experience, and then to your site’s ranking.

#7. All in One WP Security and Firewall

Security is another aspect of SEO that you should not take for granted. One breach and you risk losing it all.

You should, therefore, treat your users’ security with utmost importance, and you should implement tight security measures to ensure protection.

There are WordPress plugins that can help you fortify your site and one of which is All in One WP Security and Firewall.

While it is true that WordPress is pretty much a safe platform, implementing additional security measures is still necessary.

All in One WP Security and Firewall will check your site for security risks and vulnerabilities and would implement the recommended security measure to counter such risks.

Some of the things that All in One WP Security and Firewall can do is secure your WP user accounts and ensure that no one is using the default username, and that password strength is checked.

Users who enter the wrong password one time too many can also be locked out to prevent the guessing of passwords.

It’s also worth to note that while the plugin does it job, it does not slow down.

Final Thoughts

Search engine optimization is not a walk in the park. There are lots of things to do, and that is why there are lots of plugins that can help you do them. Just be mindful though of putting in too many plugins as this may slow down your site. So strategize your use of WordPress SEO plugins and maximize each plugin’s use in your favor.

Author Bio:

Kenneth Sytian is a Website Developer in the Philippines and the Owner and CEO of Sytian Productions. He has been designing websites and developing web apps for more than a decade. He is the driving force behind the company and an influencer in the industry of web design and development in the Philippines.

Top 10 WordPress Wedding Themes To Deck Up Your Wedding Memories

Looking forward to making your special day memorable?

Why not lend your eyes to these stunning WordPress wedding themes? T

These themes are a complete blend of simplicity, elegance, functionality and sophistication to add grace to your wedding invites.

WordPress wedding themes are a perfect source that saves your memories and transfers your wedding ceremony into a digital canvas. You can make your wedding as exceptional and personalized as you can by integrating WordPress wedding themes. Considering the importance of a wedding day in one’s life, we have come across some of the exquisite collection of WordPress themes that add another way for guests to be excited about the occasion.


The list given below covers both modern and classic design. These themes bring something extraordinary to the table like special page templates, RSVP forms and so on.


Jack &Rose


This theme creates your website quickly and is a one-stop solution for quick page loading, mobile friendliness and so on. It comes incorporated with some of the fancy features like drag-and-drop page builder module. With Jack & Rose, developers do not need any kind of coding knowledge. Available with home page are the 3 demo versions, namely, video background, full-width image and slider. The smooth parallax, fade-out animation and Sakura petal fall effects are meant to grabbing the user’s attention.


It makes easier to create the custom layouts and customizing the colors easily. It is responsive to ensure that all the guests coming to the wedding will be able to view all details about your wedding, irrespective of the device they are using to view the website. For any kind of help and support, you can view the theme documentation or ask for client support.


X WordPress Theme


It is a multipurpose theme that features an attractive responsive UI. It is integrated with several plugins like Essential grid and Layer Slider. All you need is a click of mouse to choose from multiple unique designs. Multiple commenting system is also available that allows you to chat with your guests and get suggestions/feedback about the wedding. The visual composer plugin is another add-on that features drag and drop page editor. So, a stunning website with simple page elements can easily be crafted using this theme. There are many developers who use this plugin, however, it is great for beginners too.


Everline WordPress Theme


Everline is a graphically amazing, eye-captivating, unique, aesthetically enticing, professional and feature-rich WordPress wedding theme for event websites. It has been developed with utmost attention to nook and cranny. For a pixel-perfect and retina-ready display, you must try Everline theme for delivering websites of professional grade.


You can also find several handy page templates that are easily customizable using the visual composer and built-in revolution slider. Integrate the Event Calendar plugin to align or save your date in a public statement. The theme supports RTL and adapts automatically to the screen size of device and display all the content in an intuitive yet simple way.


Perfect Couple


This theme is apt for any kind of wedding and engagement website. Being completely responsive, the theme ensures that your website is well displayed on all web enabled devices along with smartphones and tablets. It has been developed to offer an optimal viewing experience on accessing the website every time. Built using the Bootstrap technology, the theme enables quick web development. Owing to its redux powered admin panel, it is quick and easy to customize.


This theme also comes integrated with an easy page builder that helps in generating countless layout design. A full-screen background video slider featured with eye-catchy images compels people to keep staying and scrolling till the bottom of page. The custom “About Us” page allows you to write some content about the bride and groom.


A customized page dedicated to their love story allows in sharing the best memories together. In the profile page, description about the parents, bridesmaids and the man is available.




A responsive WordPress wedding theme, GeekLove features a clean, minimal, responsive and appealing layout that looks great even on retina displays. It is featured with an attractive design and helps in developing a website for your wedding day in the quickest way possible. The theme is easy to set up and manage. The design and layout are optimized for readability and consistency. The layout is adaptive so that your content can shine anywhere. A live customizer option offers the flexibility you really need. With the right typography and color control, this theme allows you to customize the key colors to match the tone and branding. Use this theme to launch your wedding website in minutes.


Just Married


Simple to browse and navigate, Just Married theme can be easily set up in minutes. It is packed with powerful customization tool with multiple layouts and a bunch of page templates that include RSVP, Registry, Bridesmaids and more. The theme includes 4 pre-defined color schemes and also allows to add custom background. It is completely responsive and retina ready. This gives a satisfaction that your website will display across multiple screen sizes and resolution devices like iPhones.


Wedding Industry


Wedding Industry is a theme that offers multiple options for customization. It functions more as a multipurpose theme by offering multiple layouts and designs. With demos like planner, couple, engagement, locations and invitations, you can select the best design that aligns more with your needs. It solely depends on the type of wedding business you have.


Celebration – Wedding & Class Reunion Theme


Celebration is a theme that requires no coding and offers countless layouts. It features some great demos and has a single click import tool. This launches the information of a wedding in few minutes. The theme is entirely responsive, retina ready and easy to customize. It also features 500 Google fonts and fine color control that customizes the theme as per business preferences.


No matter what you wish to showcase, Celebration’s features are a perfect fit for any type of celebration or class reunion. It is also used by event management professionals owing to its exclusive range of features.




Designed on the Foundation framework, Eternity is a responsive WordPress wedding theme that comes with simple to design feature. Features like RSVP form, lightbox photo gallery, Google map integration and unlimited color customization option makes it extra usable. The theme also features a video to assist users in the creation of website.


Eternity features an elegant, flat-style design with typography options. The design of home page showcases a photo invitation and can be made according to the wedding style and colors.




Emma is extremely modest website template aimed at creating photos, descriptions and blog section about the wedding. Designed on the Advanced Bean Framework 2.0, the theme is fully compatible with the latest WordPress versions. It is crafted well to display on all kind of devices and screen resolution. It is lightweight in nature and allows in uploading logo, web app icon to help followers identify that they have landed the right page.


It is developed using HTML5 and CSS3 code for quick customization. Use of proper heading tags and standard coding delivers excellent performance on search engines. Theme is multi lingual and comes with an extensive documentation.


Final words!


So, here is it! This quick collection of WordPress wedding themes will help you sort the right one for your business. All these themes are updated and come with extensive documentation. You can try these and let us know in the comment section below.


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Why Use Responsive WordPress [Infographics]

Nowadays, the internet is not just limited to desktop computers are mobile phones are now even smarter than desktops computers. With that in mind, most users rely on their mobile phones to search for something in Google or browse Facebook from time to time. This is why you need a responsive WordPress website design.

A responsive website adapts its design to any screen resolution may it be the smallest mobile phone or a large screen. It retains your website’s original look regardless of the screen size; thus less confusion to your customers and a more user-friendly interface.

Here’s an infographic explaining why you need a responsive WordPress website:



Source: http://www.pinterest.com/pin/129830401731731538/