How To Launch Your Own Site on The Cheap

When we think of creating a website, what usually drag us down are either our knowledge or technical skills and our own budget. However, launching your own site nowadays is not as complicated nor expensive as it was before. There are several services available, free and paid that can definitely be of great help in building and launching your own website.
If you always dreamed about having your own site but you always thought that having one means you need to have web development skills and a lot of money, this article will help clear you of those thoughts. This features services that will help save time and money in building your own site.

Here, we focus 2 common questions in starting your own site namely: Will I be able to launch a site for free/on the cheap? Will I be able to use advanced features of services even if I’m on a budget?

Hosted Websites

Hosted websites are a way to achieve your online presence like your online portfolio, develop a community of friends, or start a fan club. However, if you have plans to expand or wants to earn money from your efforts, using free hosted websites is not recommended. Nevertheless, below are some advantages and disadvantages of free hosted websites:


  1. It is free.
  2. Easy to setup – launch your own site in just a few minutes. No technical knowledge required. Receive updates automatically.
  3. No need to worry about updates and compatibility issues. You won’t solve any technical issues.
  4. Helps promote your main site as these blog platforms have excellent search engine rankings.


  1. You can’t monetize your site. Advertisements will be displayed, but you cannot earn from it. They need to cover their expenses, which means the ads are their way of getting money from your site.
  2. Limited configuration, customization, and design. You can only select a few templates or you may or may not be allowed to use a plugin. If you are allowed to use one, the company’s plugin will only be allowed.
  3. No branding. Your website will look cheap because there are a lot of ads that are implemented in your website automatically.
  4. Limitations for bandwidth and disk space.
  5. You don’t own your content. When one day the company suddenly changes their policy, you can lose your content.
  6. Transferring from free to hosted may also be a bit difficult especially if you have been using a hosted website for years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to implement my design without coding it?

Yes, it is. If you have a design or concept in mind, there are websites that will do that for you. is a great site that implements your designs into codes. However, such services do not come cheap, but rest assured that your designs will be hand coded using HTML and CSS and will be delivered to you within 48 hours.

How can I implement my code if I don’t know how to design one?

Designing a website usually does not start from scratch. There are websites that offer free stock graphics you can use to design your site. Deviant Art, Graphic River, and ThemeForest are just some of these sites.

How do I create my own domain name?

Choosing the right domain name determines the success or failure of your website. Before you register you own domain name, make sure that the name you want meet the following requirements:

  • unique and catchy
  • related to your niche/topic
  • seo-friendly
  • not more than 3 words

Registration of a domain usually starts at $7 to $10 per year so the domain name registration is really cheap.

How do I choose my own web host?

Since going for long-term site, a free hosting is not recommended, you will have to choose your own webhost. For starters, here are some things you should know:

The current bandwagon of web hosting providers today is: “unlimited disk space and bandwidth”. Don’t assume that this statement is true because this just mean that the hosting plan you chose is meant to that kind of website and is expected not to use too much. That is why you see plans like personal, business and enterprise hosting. Ensure that if your setting up a business, you go for business plans, or if you just want a blog to monetize on, personal plan is the best choice. You not only over use their expected limit, you also get to pay things cheaper.