How to Test Your Ecommerce Site for Usability

Is your e-commerce site ready online? What feature in your e-commerce site that is competitive? What is lacking or needs improvement? If you can’t answer these questions, then I’m afraid to say that your e-commerce site won’t survive online.

Before you conclude that your site is ready to go live, there are things you must do first, tests that will determine how well it performs or how bad it is. Testing your site can reveal what your site will be, will it stay for only a few months? Or will it bloom to be the best ecommerce website?

Don’t hire people to test your site, they will be biased and think positively about it as you paid them to make review. There are third party sites which lets random people review your site and make honest opinions about it. Below are some sites to help test your Ecommerce site for usability, performance, aesthetics, etc.

If you are looking for an Ecommerce web hosting, browse our web hosting options. is a comprehensive testing service that is dedicated to helping in improving site problems for usability and profitability. UserTesting has a panel of users available 24/7, and you can also use your own customers for test. Testers will be based on your demographics, and you give specific things you need to be examined and reviewed. Results are given in both video and written form and expect to see response within an hour. isĀ  site usability testing service that will let you see what actual users are doing when viewing your website. Just add a line of UserFly code to your site to be able to start recording user visits and play it to see what users are doing and why they leave quickly.

SilverBackApp is a testing software from UK Web Design firm ClearLeft, and it runs only on Mac OSX systems. It enables you to record video from Clearleft’s representatives site review that you can export through QuickTime.

FeedbackArmy offers an army of random website reviewers that can be purchased to review your site. Using FeedbackArmy is simple, simply visit the site, enter your sites URL, write about 6 questions for the reviewers to answer to, and wait for them to review your site. Results of the reviews are sent to your email address.

It is believed that visitors need only 5 seconds to determine if the site is good or not. Simply post a screenshot of your page, and visitors will give a five second test to it and post their feedback. This is a great tool to test your calls of action or obtain fast feedback on things that you need to develop on. If you want to know the first impression of your page, this is a great site to do that. is a usability test site to help you conduct usability tests on questions that are designed for the page or function you want to receive feedback on. You can use Usabilla to test your pages to users with an email address, Facebook, and twitter using the own questionnaire you have created. Results are displayed in visual feedback and analysis thus an even better view of usability testing.

To make your site pass the usability test, here are some guide questions:

  1. Does your website use consistent and intuitive template for each page?
  2. Does your e-commerce site display clear and detailed description of an item? Does your site include pricing information?
  3. Do each shopping card contains one clear, and concise call-to-action?