How Much Web Hosting Space & Bandwidth Do You Need

When signing up for a web hosting plan, we choose the ones that have high disk space first and focus on bandwidth next. We often prefer larger disk space because we think lower disk space can fill up in no time thus we won’t have a choice but to upgrade which can be expensive. Without proper knowledge about disk space in web hosting, we might be spending more on what your website needs. On the other hand, you might not have enough disk space to keep your website up and running which means it can lead to information loss and you can lose out on sales.

How much web hosting space do you need –

It depends on your website. What is your website for? Is it a video website? Are you selling products? Or will it be just an ordinary blog? You web space will fill up when you add files, pictures, blog posts, videos, and anything that makes up your website. The larger your files are, the more space you will need.

To determine your disk space, first, is to estimate the files of the web page you have and the number of pages you want to incorporate in the site. Multiply the average file size to the number of pages you plan for your site.

Another factor that affects web hosting space are the features that are incorporated in your hosting platform such as your database software, shopping cart, processing logs, guest book, and storage space for your email, and of course, your email accounts. The more features your website has, the better it is, but that more it consumes storage space.

To give you an idea, blogs only require minimal disk space but if you add a lot of videos, music and downloadable content your will require larger disk space.

How much¬†bandwidth do you need –

Other than disk space, you need to consider bandwidth because it affects the number of visitors that will be able to view your site. If the bandwidth cap has exceeded, customers won’t be able to access your website, they will be greeted with “bandwidth cap limit exceeded” error instead. Every time your visitors view, change, access, uploaded, or downloaded anything from your website, your bandwith is consumed. Bandwidth, or commonly called as web traffic increases the more you have visitors in your site.

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Knowing your web hosting space is essential to get the maximum performance from your web hosting plan. Your first website contains only a few files, so I recommend using the small hosting plan first. When you plan to expand your site and add new features, then you need to add a few disk space and bandwidth to your website. However, this only works if you have an upgradeable plan. Check your hosting provider first if your hosting package is upgradable or else, you won’t have any choice but to change hosts.¬† Your web hosting plan should allow room for growth as your number of visitors grow.

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