How to Grow Your Business with multiple websites

multiple-domain-namesMany businesses believe that by starting only one website, add content on a regular basis, and try to add as many traffic as possible under that domain helps your business grow. It does grow your business but in a slow and gradual pace. Creating multiple Web sites doesn’t require a big investment. Most web hosting companies listed here let you create multiple websites under one account.

One domain nameĀ (website) is not enough

Sure your bought the domain name (website) can have decent traffic and a fair number of readers, but maintaining multiple domains(multiple websites) are more efficient for several reasons:

  1. Each site is more focused. If you have a website about pet foods, you should also have a website about pets. People interested in pets would want to find out more about pets than pet foods.
  2. It helps in SEO. People will remember your website’s function if you use different websites for different niches.
  3. Different versions but the same name
    Don’t just rely on, take advantage of other domains like,, and other domains. People may have heard of your company name but they haven’t visited the site before. So if, these people Googles your name, it keeps your website on the top of the search results, wherever they are in the world. Moreover, it establishes your online presence.
  4. Prevent misspellingsIf your domain name has a word that is usually misspelled, buy the misspelled variants. You should also buy domain names that include different words for US, UK, and international English. You can then take control of these domain names to direct your visitors straight to your website even if they have in-putted a misspelled domain name.
  5. Claim ownership of your nameThe most important issue when buying multiple domain names is that you restrict someone from using your unique name. If you don’t buy all versions of your domain name, it can be easy for anyone to buy that domain name. They can, either use the name to pass themselves as a company or do heinous crimes under your name, or they can use your domain name to point to nothing then extort you to buy it from them at a very high price.

Domain names are not just a unique name which can help in your online presence. Having multiple domain names can help in not only providing a boost in your business, but also prevents you from encountering headaches that most people do which can hurt your identity online. Domain names may cost very little, but it adds a lot of value with your online presence. If someone has already bought the domain name, it will be difficult or worst impossible to reclaim that name. Plan ahead before you buy domain names and think of how many domain names you’ll actually need.

Recommended multiple domain hosting companies: Bluehost, WebHostingHub