How to Properly Choose a Domain Name and Web Hosting

In creating a website, you need to have a domain name and a web hosting to make your site live. Selecting a web hosting and the right domain name for your website is essential for your site to be more successful. Web hosting affects your site’s performance and domain names affect your rank in search engines.

You need to define the domain name of your website according to what the website does or how visitors will remember you. You only have one chance to create a name for your website, and this will be permanent so make it count. If you are setting up a website for your business, it is a great idea to name your website with your business name for branding reasons. Generic names are acceptable but only if you are creating a blog not a business website because users will likely want to search for a specific brand name rather than the generic name. Take advantage of using keywords to name your site. Keywords are what people will likely be searching for when doing a search in search engine sites.

Selecting a name for your website is a bit hard because others might have the name you want your website name to be, chances are your business name might be taken too. Unless you have a unique name in mind, the name might already be taken. Don’t worry if you cannot come up with a short yet unique name because there are other ways to make a domain name. Here, are some suggestions:

  • Don’t add numbers, as people won’t remember it and it won’t be searchable.
  • Add a few more words. At most, 3 words for a domain name is optimal. Just make sure the words relate to your site.
  • Be creative in combining words or letters to make a unique name. (ex. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest)
  • Add prefixes like “the”. For eg.
  • Use domains other than .com. But the problem here is people are used to typing .com.
  • Hyphens are a quick solution to get a unique domain name; however, hyphens are easy to forget.
  • Determine the top 5 keywords that will best describe your website.
  • Make it easy to type and unforgettable. Spelling mistakes are a big no. Create a name that will make your visitors remember it.
  • Build and fulfill expectations. The first thing that will come out of the people’s mind when they hear about your website’s name should be what the name implies.

When choosing a web hosting plan, on the other hand, you should be aware of disk space and bandwidth. Disk space is where all your files will be saved, and bandwidth is the capacity of visitors that can be accepted at a time. There may be unlimited plans, but these plans are not unlimited. It is set to the maximum disk space and bandwidth preferred for a certain kind of plan. Ask the web hosting provider if how much disk space and bandwidth does the unlimited offer actually have. (Refer the article How Much Web Hosting Space & Bandwidth Do You Need). If they aren’t able to answer your questions clearly, choose another hosting provider. Also, take note of the available features available like when you are using WordPress, the hosting provider should have 1-click install option for WordPress. Read more>> (A Concise Guide In Choosing a Web Hosting Service)

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