Reasons you Need to Choose SEO Hosting over Traditional Hosting

seo-hostingWe all know what a traditional hosting is, right? So why bother for an SEO hosting? Does it makes a difference when you prefer SEO Hosting over traditional ones? Why choose SEO hosting when you hosting provider is good at it? Here are some reasons SEO hosting stands out over traditional hosting:

Multiple C Class IP

The biggest advantage to SEO hosting and why it is increasing its popularity being a hosting provider is this feature. If you are interlinking websites that are all hosting on similar IP from the same range, it will be obvious to search engines that they are owned by the same owner. Multiple C Class IP eliminate this risk.

Geo Location

If you are targeting a specific location, it is important to host your website or web server in that location or around it. Most SEO hosting provides a service which will let you host multiple hosting locations.

Different nameservers for each site

SEO hosting provider offer unique nameservers for every domain you have. What it does is it keeps your website independent from each other to ensure that there are no footprints left for search engines to track. Most hosting providers don’t offer this service. Be sure to ask your host whether they offer unique nameservers because having common nameservers defeats the purpose of SEO hosting.

Different rDNS records for each C class IP

rDNS is a way that search engines can track a website network. If your websites display the same rDNS records, search engines will filter it and it will likely penalize your site.

Hosted by seasoned SEO experts

Most SEO hosting have server packages and features designed to improve your search engine rankings. Another advantage of SEO hosting is that the company have in-house SEO experts to guide you with the SEO campaign if you need them. Also, free SEO consultation is also available in SEO hosting.

SEO hosting services in today’s market is flexible, offers a variety of packages, and it is the most inexpensive way to implement SEO tactics especially for new webmasters. Similar to a traditional hosting service, a good SEO service will offer multiple packages fit for different types of clients. It doesn’t mean that if SEO hosting is the new hype, that you have to migrate from your previous host. If your server is doing well you might not use SEO hosting unless you really need it.

SEO hosting is vital to the safety and security of your website network especially if you have a large website network. A traditional web hosting doesn’t have the necessary tools and services to secure your site and have it tracked down and penalized by search engines. However, don’t rely too much on the host if you want to improve your seo ranking, these are merely tools to help get there but you still need to put your mind and effort in improving the visibilty of your site.

In conclusion, traditional hosting providers are perfect for blogs, small business sites, and even static websites. If you already have multiple sites and want it interlinked from one site to another, use SEO hosting.