The Benefits of CPanel Hosting

Cpanel hosting details
Cpanel hosting details

When setting up a new website, there are numerous choices. Which hosting provider to choose; what services to pick; and how much is enough. The choice of web hosting services depends on the platform of the website you are considering. These days, most web hosting providers offer cheap cpanel hosting because most people prefer cPanel.


Cpanel is a web-based control panel that is used for managing and administering websites. It has several features integrated into the system that helps you in creating websites.


Here are some reasons cPanel hosting is better:


1. cPanel is based on Linux

Experienced designers, programmers, and business owners will tell you that Linux is the best platform for the web. It has greater freedom and flexibility compared to other operating systems. If you like that kind of freedom or just loves an open source philisophy, cPanel hosting is ideal for your website. Your Linux operating system will automatically configure your server.


2. User-friendly

Another important aspect of cpanel hosting and the cpanel platform is that it is very user friendly. Even a person with no experience in web hosting can operate various systems of the website. This is useful for entrepreneurs who are new in web hosting and still have some learning curves.


3. Features and support

Cpanel hosting has a wide range of features and support software. Once the system is installed, it can be very helpful in managing and modifying the website. You can do almost anything from initial configuration, to creating a website, and modifying the structure of your website.


Features of CPanel that stands out from the rest:


Database Management

You can create the mySQL database using phpmyadmin and you can use it to almost anything to your database like creating, deleting, or modifying a table. You can also import the SQL file in your database and use phpmyadmin to backup your mySQL database. There are also advanced features like the ability to download and generate a full backup, restore a backup, or restore your own mySQL database.


Email functions

Cpanel has functions of email and can aid with your email functions. With this feature, you can create your own email accounts, add, modify, or remove your email accounts. You can create an email forwarder, change passwords, add auto responder, block unwanted emails, and filter unwanted content.


You can use the built-in file manager in cPanel which lets you download and upload files to and from the server. You can also change the permission of the particular file, redirect URL and create a subdomain that redirects the subdomain to the other page.


Site Maintenance

There are lots of features attached for site maintenance. You will be able to install and uninstall extensions, create a custom error page, or view the service status, add parked domain, create and addon domain, or add and delete an FTP account.


There are also a number of security features included in cPanel. You can create protected passwords, enable or disable browsing directories, block or unblock IP address, and even change the password of your cPanel account.


It’s no wonder that cPanel hosting is the most popular hosting type in the market. With all these feautres and benefits plus a cheap price, you can’t go wrong with cPanel hosting.

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