Top 3 Shopping Carts You Can Use For Free

E-Commerce is the new retail industry that changes the way we trade by connecting customers and retailers, and service providers regardless of their location. The use of internet to sell products can help entrepreneurs earn profit more than they can if they sell it locally. That is why as an online entrepreneur, you need to arm your website with tools needed to compete with the online market.

An e-commerce site, requires a shopping cart so customers can buy goods and services in the site. Every e-commerce site requires a shopping cart setup if they want to sell products in a faster and more efficient manner. The good news is that, most shopping carts are free to use in your e-commerce site.

Here are the top 3 shopping carts you can use for free. Best Ecommerce web hosting companies provide on click/free installation of these shopping carts to use in your e-commerce site.

CubeCart is a customizable, user-friendly shopping cart. It offers a theme-based design in which you can customize the appearance of your shopping cart interface in just a few clicks. It is one of the few shopping carts that can generate product catalog page urls automatically and are optimized for search engines. CubeCart let customers use coupon codes and has integrated shipping and tax calculator that is compatible with various currencies around the world. CubeCart can also sell digital items and has integrated e-mail marketing.

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ZenCart is the shopping cart for beginner webmasters. It is a shopping cart management system that allows you to create your own custom pages through WYSIWYG editor and is equipped with a product catalog creator which can let you upload images, organize content, and categorize your shop for a more convenient shopping experience. It is easy to install and has a developer toolkit which even those that don’t have any webmaster experience can understand with ease.

Recommended ZenCart hosting: BlueHost, Arvixe

OsCommerce is known to be the most widely used shopping cart for e-commerce. It is particularly made to improve the shopping experience of the customers which in turn can improve conversion rates and customer satisfaction. The shopping cart OsCommerce has features like pre-order, product review, integrated shipping and processing, and e-mail components to help simplify redundant tasks of follow-ups and billing. OsCommerce is compatible to most payment processors and allows customers to pay credit cards in a more secured manner.

Recommended OsCommerce hosting: WebHostingHub, Arvixe

Having a tool that is not only free but also have the features needed to get your e-commerce site up and running smoothly is a convenient way to make you a successful entrepreneur in no time. Use any of these free tools to your advantage and let your customers experience online shopping no other e-commerce site have them experience before. These are just a few of the many free shopping carts in the market so feel free to explore other shopping carts if you are not satisfied with what these three has to offer. I bet you will get back in any of these three because these are the most feature-packed free shopping cart available to date. Use these tools properly and your success is imminent.