3 Best User Friendly Website hosting companies (2018)

user friendly web hostingLaunching a new website? A user friendly web host has a big role to play in your website launch success.


All web hosts have the same goals: Publish your website online

While some features may be common among web hosts, best website hosting companies sure will have better features than the rest and hence they stand out  from competition.

But what a small business owner, with no experience,  needs the most is a User Friendly Web Host,  that is easy to manage and as well provides reliable service and support.

What is website hosting?

Website hosting is a service that allows companies as well as individuals to post a website onto the Internet.

Specifically, a website hosting provider, runs a business that provides all the required technologies, services and support needed for the website to be viewed online.

And Web Servers are used to host websites. Web Servers are nothing but hitech powerful computers that has the software to host multiple websites.

(Bad Boys) Failed Promises and bad support:

Bad web hosts are notorious for failed Promises. These bad ones are a real pain in the neck.

Here are a few known issues:

  • Poor customer service,.. Not to mention long response time.
  • Claims they provide unlimited resources then unexpectedly shutting off the site when you run out,
  • Severe lack of communication
  • Other lagging problems, for which, they conveniently blame on other issues on your site and wash off their hands.

Questions and concerns of a typical a small business Owner

  • Can I setup a website or start a blog myself?
  • What is a web site builder or website creator?
  • I would like to learn how to build a site myself and  customize as much as possible.
  • What are the differences between wordpress, ecommerce, prestashop/magenta, and shopify?

We will address these questions down in the FAQ section.

Let us first see what qualities to look for in a user friendly web host.

What you should look for in a User Friendly Web Hosting Company?

#1 An Easy-to-use Web Hosting Control Panel

A user-friendly control panel with all the required features and functionality is critical, because this control panel pretty much controls everything. You set things up using this panel.

Most hosting companies provide cPanel, a very popular and easy to use control panel.

Some companies like BlueHost has a customized version, which makes the panel more easy to manage.

Idea of a user friendly control panel is that you should be able to set things up in minimal steps and that the setup process is not complicated.

For example: A user friendly control panel (BlueHost and Siteground) lets you install and use wordpress with just 1 click!

This is where we will be controlling or administrating our websites most of the time.

If the control panel is very complicated, newbies will find it hard to control their site, and professionals will be confused.

Bad examples: Some web hosts have over complicated custom control panels  that makes it difficult for the customer to find out what she/he needs. And there were some reported cases, where customers simply cancelled the web host account because it’s control panel was very user-unfriendly.

So it is highly recommended that you choose a web host with an Easy-to-use Control Panel

While the best hosts provide  quality web servers, free software and most important of all, best friendly customer support, bad ones lack many of these features.

#2 User Friendly Timely Customer Support

Of course, this is no brainer!

Without proper tech support, your business(and you) is pretty much handicapped. You need timely resolution for your customer support requests and without much waiting time.  Technical issues will popup and you need experts to help and guide you.

A top web hosting provider must be quick in responding to customers regardless if its over phone, or email, or chat support, or ticketing system.

Also you need smart tech support folks at the hosting end. Good companies hire the best talent and then give them top training, prior to sending them to customer support desk.

Also friendly web hosts will provide a good knowledge base where you can find useful articles and tutorials on how to use their site and control panel  etc.

This will be very useful to the customer and this can reduce unnecessary phone calls/emails to support and thus saving you valuable time.

Bad hosts, on other end, are notorious for poor tech support, who are not even properly trained. Worse, they give lame excuses and utter tech jargon’s every now and then, thus confusing the customer. End result: Customer is so frustrated to move to another web host, even though it is a big pain in the neck.

#3 Stable Servers means good for your business

Your business or personal website needs to be hosted in  Stable Servers. Some greedy web hosts overload same server with so many websites that performance goes down and websites in it do down and the business suffers.

Hence it is of paramount importance that you choose a reliable web host who do not overload their servers.

Best Option for stable Servers: SiteGround

#4 Good communication means Responsible Web Host

There are times when servers needs to be maintained and as part of that process, the server may need to be taken down for a few minutes.  Or the server went down with some DDos attack or other major issue.  Despite best efforts, this can happen  to any web host.

But when such a thing happens, how  a responsible web host tackles the issue makes a big difference.

A good web host will immediately communicate with customers about the issue and then will specify when they expect to resolve the issue. Also a good web host will have Super Admins who can find the server issue quick and fix very fast.

Best responsible web hosts: SiteGround and BlueHost

#5 Good Uptime record

Uptime is basically a measure that shows how long a server was up(now down) and how stable the server iso. It is often mentioned as a percentage.

Best web hosts will have a great percentage like 99.99%.  Web Hosts like Siteground have fantastic uptime record.

#6 Money Back Guarantee

A confident web host offers a solid money back guarantee. In most cases it is 30 days money back guarantee. Though some good ones even give 60 to 90 day money back guarantee.

FAQ  – Frequently Asked Questions

Can I setup a website or start a blog myself?

Short answer is Yes.

And the easiest way for a newbie is to use wordpress to kick off your first website.

But wait..

I thought WordPress is only for blogging?

While WordPress was only used for blogging, now wordpress is used to create functional websites as well as blogs.

With the help of free themes(designs) and a few free plugins(add-ons), you can start a website or a blog within an hour.

This means, you can to start a new company website for your startup or for your service/profession(lawyer, doctor, plumber).

For almost every profession, you can find nice looking wordpress themes that can be customized to your taste.

There are even one page themes that will have all important sections a typical company will have, including contact us, About us etc.

What is a web site builder or website creator?

A website builder lets you create a beautiful website yourself, without knowing any technical skills like html or javascript.

A website creator will have a drag and drop feature that lets you add text blocks, images, galleries, videos and so on. Basically a website builder is a user friendly way of creating a website.

Professionals who want a professional website can make use of this technology and create a website overnight, without paying for a web designer.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Web hosts have started offering website builders within their control panels.

Does BlueHost Offer A Website Builder?

BlueHost offers a premium website builder, Weebly, for free within its control panel. Customers can thus create a awesome website in minimal time without writing a single line of code. They can also create a blog or website using WordPress as well.

I would like to learn how to build a site myself and  customize as much as possible

Creating a website yourself is not a difficult task.

In fact, web hosts like Siteground have made it easy for customers to create a website by adding relevant links and help section within its control panel.

It has added a Setup Wizard that walks user through a series of steps to setup a website themselves. Support is available (live chat or phone support) as well.
Siteground has added a Setup Wizard that walks user through a series of steps to setup a website Siteground has added a Setup Wizard that walks user through a series of steps to setup a website

After you signup for a hosting account, the setup involves settting up your domain name, then choosing a website builder, then using website builder to create a website and finally customize the way they wanted.

Relevant Links:
1> Signup for a SiteGround hosting account
2> Getting started instructions

3 Top User Friendly Web Hosting Companies

#1 Bluehost

BlueHost  is a hosting provider focusing mostly on business sites but also an effective option for personal websites and blogs. They provide affordable personal domains and have excellent technical support. Most users like its conservative approach in website hosting.

6 Good reasons you should consider BlueHost

1. Veteran Web Host. Hosting since 1996. 2 million websites hosted.

Bluehost is strongly recommended by experienced web designers and web masters alike. Bluehost is widely reputed company. And BlueHost is the #1 Recommended web host by WordPress.org, the most popular blogging platform.

2. Every New BlueHost Account gets a Free One-Year Domain

Every new account (12mo. term or longer) comes with a free, one-year domain.

3. Unbeatable Bluehost Support

Bluehost support is well known for it’s quick response and fast resolution. It provides 24/7 phone support, chat support, email support and ticket based system.

As already explained above, it has top notch video tutorials and a solid knowledge base.

4. Bluehost’s own state-of-the-art data center

Bluehost is one of the few web hosts that maintains its own hardware and monitored by it’s on-site engineers.

5. User friendly Control Panel

BlueHost uses CPanel. But it has cutomized it in such a way that it is very user fiendly and easy to manage. You can easily manage your website, wordPress blogs, email, domains, and advanced features.

6. DIY Premium Website builder
BlueHost hosting package includes Weebly, a premium website builder, using which you can easily design your website yourself, without knowing any programming skills.

Visit BlueHost

#2. SiteGround

SiteGround is a leading web host that matches all qualities of a user friendly webhost.

With special packages like SSD hosting(that can give you a fast website), customers continue with SiteGround for long.

#3 Inmotion Hosting

Inmotion excels in business hosting and is also a user friendly web host.

3 Best User Friendly Website hosting companies (2018)
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3 Best User Friendly Website hosting companies (2018)
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