How to create a family website and go live today

Family website hosting
Family website hosting

Creating a family website.  Is it hard? Stop Making it Complicated. It isn’t.

Why Create a Family Website?

Creating your family web site online is the best way to connect your whole family, your friends and the relatives closely. If you didn’t have a website, you can always meet them in Facebook or Twitter. However, having a website will give you a much control and wider audience. Having a website makes you more findable. Family websites should offer you privacy without the annoyance of strangers.

Create a family website using BlueHost Site Builder

Bluehost is a very popular web hosting provider focusing mostly on business sites as well as personal websites and blogs. They provide affordable personal domains and have excellent customer support. Most users like its user friendly and conservative approach.

You don’t need to be a techie or learn any complicated code. You can create a beautiful family website using a Site Builder, using which, you can create a website without knowing any html code.

Bluehost offers a very good Site Builder for folks who do not know coding or html. Idea behind a Site Builder is to let customers create a website by themselves, without knowing any html code.

You can easily add all necessary features like blog, a photo (or videos) gallery, a guestbook, news items, calendar, message board, chat room, family bios and some other content about the family etc.

Just follow 3 steps:

  • Get a Domain Name
  • Choose a Web Host
  • Design a Web Site. You can do it. It is fun. See details below.

You can complete all the 3 steps, by simply signing up for BlueHost.

Watch this video to learn more:

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