Why shared hosting is the most user friendly Solution

A shared web hosting is a type of web hosting service where many websites share one web server. Each site kept on its own section/place on the server, to keep it separate from other sites. In fact most people mean shared hosting when they refer to web hosting. Shared hosting is suitable for personal sites, small businesses, and even medium sized businesses. Also read What Makes a User Friendly Hosting Provider?

Why shared hosting is the most user friendly Solution

  • Cost – It is the most affordable hosting solution. Since multiple web sites share the same server and overall cost of server maintenance, the cost of service is low.
  • Simplicity – Since all server administration is done by the hosting provider, you do not need any special skills to manage the server. You do not need to worry about installing server software, performing security updates, or having to do any of the complex background tasks that keep the server running.
  • Easy Management – All shared hosting providers offer web based Control Panel with shared hosting to ensure easy creation and launching of websites. User friendly Control panel like cPanel, H-Sphere and Plesk help you to upload files & images, create email accounts, create a database, check the statistics of your website etc. The Fantastico tool permits the immediate construction of a WordPress, Joomla, Wiki, Mambo, image galleries, shopping carts, helpdesks, surveys, polls, forums, guestbooks, calendars forms and more.
  • Technical Support – Most shared hosting companies provide 24/7 technical support. They will help you to fix both common and rare website issues.
  • Get Extras – Most shared hosting plans include resources for designing, developing and deploying a website. Some companies offer free advertising credits on Google, Yahoo, Miva or other advertising networks.

BlueHost – User friendly Web Host

Bluehost is a hosting provider focusing mostly on business sites but also an effective option for personal websites and blogs. They provide affordable personal domains and have excellent technical support. Most users like its conservative approach in website hosting.

Watch this video to learn more:

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